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Department of Mathematics
The City College of New York
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

Phone: (212) 650-5346
Fax: (212) 650-6294

Summer 2016: Schedule

Undergraduate Courses in Mathematics
Course Section Instructor Time & Place
20200 1XA Ring MoTuWeTh 8:30AM-10:10AM in NAC 4/209
1XB Park MoTuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in NAC 7/313A
1XD Rawlings MoTuWeTh 3:20PM-5:00PM in NAC 5/126
1XW Hernandez MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 5/110
15000 1XC Islam TuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 5/150
17300 1XB Tokar MoTuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in NAC 5/150
18000 1XW Hasan MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 5/150
18500 1XW Cardenas MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 6/214
19000 1B Pichardo MoTuWeTh 4:00PM-7:00PM in NAC 6/311
1XW La Salle-Acevedo MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 4/206
19500 1XA Destina MoTuWeTh 8:30AM-10:10AM in NAC 4/148
1XB Jitsukawa MoTuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in NAC 5/109
1XD Adamski MoTuWeTh 3:20PM-5:00PM in NAC 6/307
1XW Dacanay MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in TBA
2B Pichardo MoTuWeTh 4:00PM-7:00PM in NAC 4/222
20100 1XA Park MoTuWeTh 8:30AM-10:10AM in NAC 5/126
1XB Ring MoTuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in NAC 6/106
1XC Tokar MoTuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 6/121
1XW Mboup MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 6/114
20300 1XA Brown MoWe 8:30AM-9:50AM in NAC 5/102; MoWe 10:00AM-10:50AM in NAC 1/511A; TuTh 8:30AM-10:50AM in NAC 7/219
1XA2 Diagana MoWe 8:30AM-10:50AM in Shepard 75; TuTh 10:00AM-10:50AM in NAC 1/511A; TuTh 8:30AM-9:50AM in NAC 6/327
1XD Bam MoWe 4:20PM-5:40PM in NAC 6/115; TuTh 3:20PM-5:40PM in NAC 5/102; MoWe 3:20PM-4:10PM in NAC 1/511A
1XD2 Mboup MoWe 3:20PM-5:40PM in NAC 1/511E; TuTh 4:20PM-5:40PM in NAC 1/511E; TuTh 3:20PM-4:10PM in NAC 1/511A
20500 1XD Jorgenson MoTuWeTh 3:20PM-5:00PM in NAC 6/104
1XW Smith MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 5/108
20900 1XC Moser MoTuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 4/222
30800 1XB Yassiyevich TuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in Shepard S-308
32800 1XB Bak TuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in NAC 5/102
34600 1XC Bak TuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 7/219
36500 1XC Rothstein MoTuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 4/222
37500 1XW Jorgenson MoTuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 5/109
39100 1XA Ding TuWeTh 8:30AM-10:10AM in NAC 5/150
1XC Auth TuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 6/115
1XW Auth TuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 5/123
39200 1XB Ding TuWeTh 10:30AM-12:10PM in NAC 6/121
1XC Paolillo TuWeTh 1:20PM-3:00PM in NAC 6/113
1XW Margishvili TuWeTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 7/219