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Math 20100: Calculus I

Supervisor: Cheikhna Mahawa Diagana

Limits, continuity, derivatives, differentiation and its applications, differentials, definite and indefinite integrals. Prerequisite: grade of C or higher in Math 19500 or placement by the Department. Credit will be given for only one of the following courses: Math 20100 or 20500. (Part of sequence 20100, 21200, 21300.) 4 hr./wk.; 4 cr.

Instructor Course Guide line

Math 201 Instructor information

Course Learning Outcome (CLO)


There are two types of homework in this course:

  1. Person MyLab (Online-base), which you can access from
  2. Written homework: Written HW is not mandatory; however, 60 % of class work must be preserved. You are also free to make changes on number of Quizzes and Tests given. HW < 10 % and maybe closer to 5 %.

Sample of Final Exams

  1. Sample Final Exam 1
  2. Sample Final Exam 2 and Sample Final 2 Solution
  3. Sample Final Exam 3

Lecture plan and Algebra Review


  • In-person tutoring is available in Marshak, Room 403. No appointment necessary.
  • For more information please email the Tutor Coordinator, Andy Trafford, at atrafford@ccny.cuny.edu


For Spring 2023, the following sections are being offered:

LetterInstructorTime & Place
ABCheikhna Mahawa DiaganaMoWe 8:00AM-9:40AM in NAC 6/111
CDCheikhna Mahawa DiaganaMoWe 12:00PM-1:40PM in NAC 4/130
EFIsrael HernandezMoWe 2:00PM-3:40PM in NAC 5/108
FGYushan JiangMoWe 4:00PM-5:40PM in NAC 6/114
GHJoseph BakMoWe 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 6/111
KLStrashimir PopvassilevTuTh 8:00AM-9:40AM in NAC 6/114
LMStrashimir PopvassilevTuTh 10:00AM-11:40AM in NAC 6/115
PRYashasvi AulakTuTh 2:00PM-3:40PM in NAC 4/209
PR2Adrian CabrejaTuTh 2:00PM-3:40PM in NAC 5/108
RSJoshua PedroTuTh 4:00PM-5:40PM in NAC 5/110
RS2Adrian CabrejaTuTh 4:00PM-5:40PM in Marshak 622

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