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Math 19000: College Algebra and Trigonometry

Supervisor: David John

Introduction to algebraic expressions and equations, rational expressions, exponents, functions and their graphs, and right triangle trig. Prereq.: placement at college entry or by subsequent examination. 4 hr./wk.; 3 credits.

Syllabus and Schedule

Monday/Wednesday Schedule

Tuesday/Thursday Schedule

Discounted Webassign Access Code ($44)

If you have not already purchased a 190 Webassign Access code, you can purchase one for $44 by following each step until you reach step 5A in the Strong Start Student Guide. If you already purchased a 190 Webassign Access code in a previous semester, do NOT purchase another code. Your old code will work this semester. The access code remains valid even if you need to take Math 190 multiple times. Before you purchase an access code, you should take advantage of the free trial before purchasing in case you need to drop the course.

(If you are taking multiple courses outside the math dept. That also requires a webassign access code, so Cengage Unlimited may save you money. You should then compute what is the best value for your semester. If this is the only class with Webassign you are taking this semester, the cheapest option (step 5A) to purchase an access code that I know is the $44 option in the above link.)

Lesson Summaries with Video Links for Flipped Classroom

Topic Summaries and Video Links

The videos are grouped by textbook section. Watch the videos for the day's lesson BEFORE coming to class. You can even try some of the optional linked Khan Academy exercises. You will get more out of class by watching a couple of videos beforehand because you will then have more time to work on problems during class.

Doing problems is most important. It is impossible to learn math by only watching videos. You must pause each math video frequently and attempt to work out the given problem for yourself on scrap paper.

The lesson summaries can be helpful to consult for a quick overview of each section covered in the syllabus. While reading, you will learn what concepts and techniques are most important in each section and what topics can be skipped or deemphasized. Ultimately, working through the assigned webassign hw problems and practice problems on your own or in groups of students is the best way to learn the material. The only way to learn the material in this course is to solve many problems independently.

In-Class Quizzes

There will be an in-class quiz each class (except for on midterm days) covering material from the previous lesson or two. Gradescope will help grade the in-class quizzes. The quizzes are designed for you to practice the material without much pressure since your quiz average only counts 10% of your course grade. There will be no make-up quizzes. Instead, we will drop each student's four lowest quiz grades before computing the course quiz average at the end of the semester, so it is ok to miss a few.

Grading Factors

Webassign HW: 5% of the course grade.

In-Class Quizzes / Classwork: 10% of the course grade.

Exam 1: 15% of the course grade.

Exam 2: 15% of the course grade.

Exam 3: 15% of the course grade.

Final exam: 40% of the course grade

However, at the end of the course, if your final exam average is superior to any of your in-class exam grades, then you can use your final exam grade to replace all lower in-class exam average(s). For instance, if your exam 1 grade is 70, your exam 2 grade is 87, your exam 3 grade is 79, and your final exam grade is 75, then your grade will be computed as

5% * (hw grade) + 10% * (quiz average) + 15% * 87 + + 15% * 79 + 55% * 75 = course grade.

You can even replace both in-class exam scores if your final is superior to both. One way to think of these grading factors is that your performance on midterms cannot hurt your final grade as compared to your final exam grade. Your performance on the midterms can only help your grade in comparison to your final exam score. If you miss a midterm exam for any reason, your final exam grade will be used to make-up your missed midterm.

Your quiz or hw average CANNOT be replaced by your final exam grade. There will be many quizzes, at least once a week--maybe more. There will be no make-up quizzes. Instead, your lowest three quiz grades will be dropped before computing your quiz average.

With these grading factors, you will be less stressed taking the in-class exams, knowing that you can replace a bad score with your final exam score. Moreover, if you feel ill, you can skip either each midterm and use your final exam as the make-up. However, you must take the final. If you are sick for the final, do not come to campus. There will be a make-up final exam.

How to Succeed in this class

How to Succeed in this class

Past Exam Archive

Past MATH 190 Exam Archive

Exam Study Guides

Study Guide for Exam One.



For Spring 2024, the following sections are being offered:

LetterInstructorTime & Place
A2Shohtaro CarrollMoWe 8:00AM-9:15AM in NAC 6/115; TBA in Online-Asynchronous
A3Sevan BharathanMoWe 8:00AM-9:15AM in NAC 4/115; TBA in Online-Asynchronous
DKeino BrownMoWe 12:30PM-1:45PM in NAC 1/214A; TBA in Online-Asynchronous
KDavid JohnTuTh 8:00AM-9:15AM in Marshak MR3; TBA in Online-Asynchronous
SAdam MarrTuTh 5:00PM - 6:15PM in NAC 1/511E

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