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Math 20200: Calculus II

This course is no longer being offered by the department.

This class was replaced by Math 21200.

Introduction to integration and areas, application to solids of revolution and work, definition of exponential and logarithmic functions, integration of trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions, analytical and numerical methods of integration, improper and infinite integrals, polar coordinates, and parametric representation of curves. Prereq.: grade of C or higher in Math 20100 or placement by the Department. After completion of Math 20900, only 3 credits will be given for Math 20200. (Part of sequence 20100, 20200, 20300.)4 HR. LECT./WK.; 3 CR.

  1. Essential Calculus by James Stewart, 2nd edition. (publisher: Cengage)
  2. Review of Conic Sections by James Stewart
  3. Rotation of Axes Notes by Professor J. Douglas Faires, Youngstown State University


MATH 20200 will be terminated and the last semester this course is offered is Fall 2018. Starting Spring 2019, the new Calculus II course is MATH 21200.

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This class is not being offered in Summer 2024.

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