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Math 17300: Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Supervisor: Shirshendu Chatterjee

Descriptive statistics and frequency histograms; measures of location and dispersion; elementary probability; permutations and combinations; multiplication rule and conditional probability; Bayes' Theorem; independent events; random variables, expected values; applications to binomial, hypergeometric, uniform and normal distributions; the Central Limit Theorem; testing statistical hypotheses; correlation; linear regression and least squares. Prereq.: placement by the Department. Credit will be given for only one of the following courses: Math 17300, Eco 29500, Psy 21500, Soc 23100.4 hr./wk.; 4 cr.


For Fall 2022, the following sections are being offered:

LetterInstructorTime & Place
*ECTsz Chung LoMoWe 10:00AM-11:40AM in Shepard S-374
STMohammad IslamTuTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 6/106

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