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Department of Mathematics
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Math 21200: Calculus II with Introduction to Multivariable Functions

Supervisor: Niel Shell

Techniques of integration, improper integrals, infinite sequences and series, polar coordinates, parametric equations, vectors and the geometry of space, quadric surfaces, functions of several variables and partial differentiation.

Prerequisite: grade of C or higher in Math 20100 or placement by the Department. (Part of sequence 20100, 21200, 21300.) 4 hr./wk.; 4 cr.


The syllabus listed below was updated 1/25/20, and is current for Spring 2022.

Exam Format

Online exams problems are usually either multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank format. In-person final exams require showing all work as well as the answer. Students are currently scheduled to take the Math 212 final exam in-person.



For Spring 2022, the following sections are being offered:

LetterInstructorTime & Place
BCMichael MarinelliMoWe 10:00AM-11:40AM in NAC 5/102
CDMi Ok LimeMoWe 12:00PM-1:40PM in NAC 6/113
GHNiel ShellMoWe 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 6/115
LMLavinia CiunguTuTh 10:00AM-11:40AM in NAC 5/110
PRLavinia CiunguTuTh 2:00PM-3:40PM in NAC 4/115
RSAnastasiia ChornaTuTh 4:00PM-5:40PM in NAC 6/113
RS2Tek BamTuTh 4:00PM-5:40PM in NAC 6/121
STAnastasiia ChornaTuTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 7/305
ST2Vitaly ZadermanTuTh 6:00PM-7:40PM in NAC 5/101

Historical offerings