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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2011

Thu Feb 10 Schmidt's game, its modifications, and a conjecture of Margulis
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Barak Weiss (Ben Gurion University, Israel)
Thu Mar 17 The Mathematics of Neo-Logicism
12:30 PM, NAC 5/144
Roy T. Cook (University of Minnesota & Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science)
Thu Mar 31 Generalized Riley Slices of Parameter Spaces of Kleinian Groups
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Linda Keen (Lehman College and CUNY graduate center)
Thu Apr 14 Dynamic Fractals a la Furstenberg
1 PM,
Ethan Akin (CCNY)
Thu Apr 28 Option prices in terms of probability functions
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Ju-Yi Yen (Vanderbilt University)
Tue May 3 Low rank and block low rank matrix approximation
1 PM, NAC 1/511E
Arthur Szlam (Courant Institute)
Thu May 5 L-functions and number theory
1 PM, NAC 1/511E
Brooke Feigon (MSRI)
Tue May 17 Orbits on infinite surfaces stabilized by pseudo-Anosovs
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Martin Schmoll (Clemson University)
Thu Sep 15 About the Calabi-Yau theorem : a numerical approach.
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Julien Keller (Université de Provence, Marseille )
Tue Sep 20 On Some Monoids Associated to Coxeter Groups
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Prof. Stuart Margolis (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
Tue Oct 11 Conjugacy relation and dynamics in the group of homeomorphism of the Cantor Space
12:30 PM, NAC 6-113
Udayan Darji (University of Louisville)
Thu Oct 20 The polynomial method in combinatorics
12:30 PM,
Larry Guth (NYU)
Thu Nov 10 Solving one homogeneous polynomial in two complex variables
12:20 PM, NAC 6-113
Michael Shub (University of Toronto )

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