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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2010

Tue Feb 23 An Analysis of Connectivity in a Neuronal Population
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Prof. Asohan Amarasingham (Rutgers, Newark)
Wed Feb 24 Integral Curve Estimation: Methodology and Applications to Diffusion Tensor Imaging
1 PM, NAC 1/511classroom
Prof. Lyudmila Sakhanenko (Michigan State University)
Thu Feb 25 Smoothness on graphs, total variation, and clustering
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Prof. Arthur Szlam (Courant Institute, NYU)
Mon Mar 1 Potential modularity for elliptic curves and applications
1 PM, NAC 1511
Prof. Cristian Virdol (Columbia University)
Tue Mar 2 Height functions in Diophantine Geometry
1 PM, NAC 6113
Prof. Sonal Jain (New York University)
Thu Mar 4 Markov chains and Semigroup Representations
1 PM, NAC 6113
Benjamin Steinberg (Carleton University, Ottawa)
Mon Mar 8 Gas and Fluid dynamics near Vacuum
12 PM, NAC 1511
Prof. Juhi Jang (New York University)
Tue Mar 9 CR Geometry and Hermitian Forms
1 PM, NAC 6113
Prof. Jiri Lebl (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Wed Mar 10 Variational analysis for set-valued functions
1 PM, NAC 1511
Prof. Andreas Hamel (Princeton University)
Thu Mar 11 Algebraic Cryptanalysis and Polynomial Systems of Equations
1 PM, NAC 6113
Gregory Bard (Fordham University)
Mon Mar 15 Analysis of solutions to nonlinear evolution PDEs
1 PM, NAC 1511
Prof. Svetlana Roudenko (Arizona State University)
Tue Mar 16 Bilipschitz equivalence is not equivalent to quasi-isometric equivalence for finitely generated groups.
1 PM, NAC 6113
Prof. Tullia Dymarz (Yale University)
Wed Mar 17 Geodesics in Groups and Computational Complexity
1 PM, NAC 1511
Alexander Ushakov (Stevens Institute)
Mon Mar 22 Topological pressure, periodic orbits and invariant measures in differentiable dynamics
1 PM, NAC 1511
Prof. Christian Wolf (Wichita State University)
Thu Apr 8 From High-School Problems to Advanced Research in Arithmetic Geometry
1 PM, NAC 6113
Jurg Kramer (Humboldt University)
Thu Apr 15 Gauss Curvature Flow on Surfaces of Revolution
1 PM, NAC 6113
Thalia Jeffres (Wichita State University)
Thu Apr 29 On the game of Blackjack
1 PM, NAC 6113
Prof. Alberto Guzman (CCNY)
Thu Oct 14 Capillary surfaces in wedge domains
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Kirk Lancaster (Wichita State University)
Thu Oct 28 Infinite Determinants and Geometry
12 PM, NAC 6-113
Jay Jorgenson (CCNY)
Thu Nov 4 Decay of Maxwell-Klein-Gordon fields in Minkowski spacetime
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Maria Psarelli (BCC-CUNY)
Thu Nov 11 Casselman- Shalika formula for p-adic metaplectic Whittaker functions
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Gautam Chinta (CCNY)
Tue Nov 16 Vopenka's Principle: a useful strong axiom
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Andrew Brooke-Taylor (University of Bristol)
Thu Dec 2 Transience in dynamical systems
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Mike Todd (Boston University)
Thu Dec 9 Divisibility of line sheaves on totally degenerate curves
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Shahed Sharif (Cooper Union)

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