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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2009

Thu Mar 12 Dynamics in ecological population genetics
1 PM, NAC 4/113
Prof. Judy Miller (Georgetown University)
Tue Mar 17 Upper bound on coarsening rate
12:05 PM, NAC 4/113
Prof. Xiaodong Yan (The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
K-scan for anomaly detection in disease surveillance
1 PM, NAC 4/113
Prof. Ji Meng Loh (Columbia University)
Thu Mar 19 Diophantine Numbers in Dynamics
12 PM, NAC 6/113
Dr. Yitwah Cheung (San Francisco State University)
The importance of statistics in an advancement of cancer research
1 PM, NAC 4/113
Prof. Jong Soo J. Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tue Mar 24 Coxeter groups and Bruhat order: algebraic and topological structure
12 PM, NAC 1/511E
Dr. Bridget Eileen Tenner (DePaul University)
Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Modeling of Proteins and Cells – A Computational Protocol for Complex Systems
1 PM, NAC 4/113
Dr. X. Sheldon Wang (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Thu Mar 26 Brin's Groups nV
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Dr. Daniel S. Farley (Miami University of Ohio)
Tue Mar 31 Complete Ricci flat Kahler manifolds with topology at infinity
12 PM, NAC 1/511E
Dr. Bianca Santoro (Duke University)
Change-point detection for financial time series models
1 PM, NAC 1/511E
Dr. В Siegfried Hoermann (University of Utah, Salt Lake City)
Thu Apr 2 Strong Law of Large Numbers for Graph(Group)-Valued Random Elements
12 PM, NAC 4/115
Dr. Alexander Ushakov (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Design Principles for Mixers motivated by Ergodic Theory, or
1 PM, NAC 4/113
Dr. Stephen Wiggins (University of Bristol (UK))
Tue Apr 7 Polygonal billiards and translation surfaces
12 PM, NAC 1/511E
Dr. W. Pat Hooper (Northwestern University)
Subconvexity bounds for L-functions and spectral mean value theorem for automorphic forms on GL(3)
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Dr. Xiaoqing Li (SUNY Buffalo )
Thu Apr 30 Dynamical Systems with a Side Order of Chaos
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Ethan Akin (CCNY)
Thu Oct 8 Zeta functions, heat kernels, and spectral asymptotics on degenerating families of discrete tori
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Prof. Jay Jorgenson (CCNY)
Thu Oct 15 Mathematicians at the National Security Agency and public key cryptography
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Karen Thompson (National Security Agency)
Thu Oct 29 The invariant Hilbert scheme of Alexeev and Brion
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Prof. Bart Van Steirteghem (Medgar Evers College)
Thu Nov 5 Combinatorial Laplacian on graphs
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Prof. Józef Dodziuk (Queens College and CUNY GC)
Thu Nov 12 Counting Kissing Circles
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Prof. Alex Kontorovich (Brown University and IAS)

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