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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2012

Thu Feb 9 A solution of the Riesz-Radon-Fréchet problem of characterization of integrals
1 PM,
Alexander V. Mikhalev (Moscow State University)
Tue Feb 14 JOINT MATH-CS Colloquium: Two uses of topology in computing.
1 PM,
Ralph Kopperman (CCNY)
Thu Mar 1 Ergodicity of Natural Staircases
1 PM,
David Ralston (Ben Gurion University)
Thu Mar 15 What Can You Say in First-Order Logic? An Algebraic Perspective
12:15 PM,
Howard Straubing (Boston College)
Thu Sep 27 Cubic forms and cubic rings
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Gautam Chinta (CCNY)
Thu Oct 4 Noncommuting random products
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Anders Karlsson (University of Geneva)
Thu Oct 11 Euler classes of virtually solvable groups of type FP_\infty
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Conchita Martínez-Pérez (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
Thu Oct 18 Topological methods in Hamiltonian instability
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Marian Gidea (Institute for Advanced Study)
Thu Nov 1 The Real Dynamics of Bieberbach's Example
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Sandra Hayes (CCNY)
Thu Nov 8 Geometry and entropy of generalized rotation sets
1 PM, NAC 6/1113
Tamara Kucherenko (CCNY)
Thu Nov 15 A new interpretation of the Leray number of a flag complex
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Benjamin Steinberg (CCNY)
Thu Nov 29 A new compactness theory for minimal surfaces
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Christine Breiner (Columbia University)
Thu Dec 6 Geometric Inequalities for Hypersurfaces
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Fernando Schwartz (University of Tennessee)

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