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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2013

Mon Feb 4 How well approximated is a group by its finite quotients?
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Khalid Bou-Rabee (University of Michigan)
Tue Feb 5 High dimensional information processing with limited resources in neural systems
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Kamiar Rahnama Rad (Columbia University)
Thu Feb 7 How to increase energy with small effort
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Marian Gidea (Institute for Advanced Study)
Mon Feb 11 Geometric Analysis from Drums to Dynamics
1 PM, Artino lab (NAC 1/511)
Julie Rowlett (University of Goettingen)
Thu Feb 14 Dynamics of homomorphic self-maps near a fixed point
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Liz Vivas (Purdue University)
Tue Feb 19 Energy Landscape for `large average' Gaussian submatrices.
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Partha Dey (NYU)
Thu Feb 21 Statistical Inference for fractional SDEs and applications
1 PM, NAC 6-113
Alexandra Chronopoulou (UCSB)
Tue Feb 26 Quasisymmetries of Sierpinski carpets
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Mon Mar 4 Thurston's Theorem in Complex Dynamics.
1 PM, Artino Lab
Nikita Selinger (Stony Brook)
Tue Mar 5 Algebraic Dynamics, Model Theory, and Number Theory.
1 PM,
Alice Medvedev (UC Berkeley)
Thu Mar 7 On the isomorphism problem for relatively hyperbolic groups.
1 PM, NAC-6/113
Nicholas Touikan (Marseille)
Mon Mar 11 Cohomological equation and cocycle rigidity for algebraic parabolic actions
1 PM, Artino lab
Zhenqi Wang (Yale)
Thu Apr 11 The Real Dynamics of Bieberbach’s Example
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Sandra Hayes (CCNY)
Thu Apr 25 Symmetric invariant measures and smooth and symmetric rigidity
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Yunping Jiang (Queens College)
Thu Sep 19 On Sloane's persistence problem
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Edson De Faria (University of Sao Paulo)
Thu Oct 3 L-functions and converse theorems
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Omer Offen (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
Thu Oct 24 Strong positive sectional curvature
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Renato Bettiol (University of Notre Dame)
Thu Oct 31 Multiplying functions on affine spherical varieties
1 PM, NAC 6113
Bart Van Steirteghem (Medgar Evers College)
Thu Nov 7 Beyond Endoscopy via the Trace Formula
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Ali Altug (Columbia University)
Thu Nov 14 Tetrahedra, Rectifiability and the Gromov-Hausdorff Convergence of Metric Spaces
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Christina Sormani (Lehman College and CUNY Graduate Center)
Thu Nov 21 The rotation number for maps on graphs
1 PM, NAC 6113
Christopher Staecker (Fairfield University)
Thu Dec 5 Fourier Coefficients of Hyperbolic Modular Forms
1 PM, NAC 6/113
Karen Taylor (Bronx Community College)

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