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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2016

Thu Feb 25 Nonrectifiable Delone sets in amenable groups
1 PM,
(CANCELLED) Tullia Dymarz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Thu Mar 17 Harmonic analysis and geometry of sets
1 PM,
Krystal Taylor (Ohio State University)
Thu Mar 24 Groups acting on the circle
1 PM,
Kathryn Mann (University of California, Berkeley)
Thu Apr 7 Bi-Lipschitz pieces between manifolds
1 PM,
Guy C. David (New York University )
Thu Apr 21 Universal acylindrical actions of acylindrically hyperbolic groups
1 PM, NAC 6/114
Carolyn Abbott (University of Wisconsin)
Thu May 5 Strict domination and 3-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds
1 PM, NAC 6/114
Chris Leininger (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Tue May 10 The Role of the Chow group in geometry
1 PM, NAC 7/227
Humberto Diaz (Duke University)
Thu May 12 Quaternionic cohomologies and existence of HKT metrics
1 PM, NAC 6/114
Mehdi Lejmi (Bronx Community College)
Thu Sep 8 Uniqueness of equilibrium states for geodesic flows
2 PM, NAC 6/112
Dan Thompson (Ohio State University)
Thu Sep 15 Bose In Boxes
12:20 PM, NAC 6/113
Persi Diaconis (Stanford University)
Thu Sep 29 Quiver-graded Grothendieck-Springer resolutions and the isospectral Hilbert scheme
12:20 PM, NAC 6/113
Mee Seong Im (United States Military Academy, West Point)
Thu Nov 3 On Kobayashi's conjecture for K3 surfaces and hyperkaehler manifolds
12:20 PM, NAC 6/113
Ljudmila Kamenova (Stony Brook University)
Thu Nov 17 On some groups generated by finite automata
12:20 PM, NAC 6/113
Rachel Skipper (Binghamton University)
Thu Dec 1 Back and Forth on the Lorenz Attractor: Hitchhiking on Geometrical Construction
12:20 PM, NAC 6/113
Enrique Pujals (Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada)

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