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Mathematics Colloquium talks in 2015

Wed Feb 11 Codes, Curves, and Configurations of Points
3 PM, SH377
Nathan Kaplan (Yale University)
Tue Feb 17 Groups, growth, and rationality
1 PM, NAC 6/327
Moon Duchin (Tufts University)
Wed Feb 18 Interpolation for Physical Big Data
3 PM, SH 377
Matthew Hirn (École normale supérieure, Paris)
Mon Feb 23 Progress of Landis' conjecture in the plane
2 PM, SH 378
Blair Davey (University of Minnesota)
Tue Feb 24 Counter-Intuitive Phenomena in Limit Cycle Systems with Applications to Neuroscience and Stochastic Dynamics
1 PM, NAC 6/327
Michael Schwemmer (Ohio State University)
Wed Feb 25 Small noise perturbations in dynamical systems: two applications in rare event simulation and pattern formation
3 PM, SH 377
Chia Lee (University of British Columbia)
Tue Mar 3 Geodesics and fluctuations in first-passage percolation
1 PM, NAC 6/328
Jack Hanson (Indiana University)
Thu Mar 26 From hodge theory to higgs bundles: interactions between geometry, analysis and topology.
1 PM, NAC 6/133
Steve Bradlow (UIUC)
Thu Apr 2 Colored tangle invariants and sl(2) categorification.
1 PM, NAC 6/133
Joshua Sussan (Medgar Evers)
Thu Apr 23 Word Maps and Measure Preservation
1 PM, NAC 6/133
Doron Puder (IAS Princeton)
Thu Apr 30 Intermingled Basins in Real and Complex Dynamics
1 PM, NAC 6/133
Araceli Bonifant (University of Rhode Island)
Thu May 7 The topology of lattices in Lie groups
1 PM, NAC 6/133
Andrew Putman (Rice University)
Tue May 12 Heterogeneity, Noise and Synchronization in Neuronal Networks
Jonathan Touboul (Collège de France & Inria)
Thu May 14 Systoles of arithmetic manifolds
1 PM, NAC 6/133
Ben McReynolds (Purdue University)
Thu Sep 3 An intro to deep learning
1 PM,
Arthur Szlam (Facebook)
Thu Sep 17 Spaces of Trees
1 PM,
Katherine St. John (City University of New York & American Museum of Natural History)
Thu Oct 8 An algebraic and geometric classification of hyperbolic surface group amalgams
1 PM,
Emily Stark (University of Haifa)
Thu Oct 22 The Prisoner's Dilemma
1 PM,
Ethan Akin (CCNY CUNY)
Thu Oct 29 GL(2,R) orbit closures of translation surfaces
1 PM,
Alex Wright (Stanford University)
Thu Nov 5 Inverse Problems in Optical Tomography
1 PM,
Francis Chung (University of Kentucky)
Thu Nov 12 Mirror Symmetry in Enumerative Geometry
1 PM,
Mark Shoemaker (University of Utah)
Tue Nov 17 Moreau's Proximity Operator: From Unilateral Mechanics to Data Science
1 PM,
Patrick L. Combettes (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6)
Thu Nov 19 Four perspectives on the (pure) braid groups, OR an introduction to representation stability
1 PM,
Jenny Wilson (Stanford University)
Tue Nov 24 Density of Axiom A in Arnol'd's standard family
1 PM,
Lasse Rempe-Gillen (University of Liverpool)
Tue Dec 1 Hamiltonian Instability and Applications: From Space Mission Design to Asteroid Dynamics
1 PM,
Marian Gidea (Yeshiva University)
Thu Dec 3 Quasicrystals, ergodic theory and cohomology
1 PM,
Rodrigo Treviño (NYU and Brooklyn College)

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