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Math 32404: Advanced Calculus II

Supervisor: Christian Wolf

Sequences, continuity, compactness, completeness, differentiation and integration in R^n, implicit and inverse function theorems, line and surface integrals, theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes. Prereq.: Math 32300 and 34600. (Part of sequence 32300, 32404.) 4 hr./wk.; 4 cr.

Accelerated Masters Degree

After successful completion of the prerequisite Math 32300 course for a B or better, it is worth considering applying for the Accelerated Master's Degree Program. Entering this program gives you the option to complete an MS rapidly after your bachelor's degree, though entering the accelerated program does not obligate you to complete the MS.


For Spring 2023, the following sections are being offered:

LetterInstructorTime & Place
FGGennady YassiyevichMoWe 4:00PM-5:40PM in NAC 4/130

Historical offerings