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M.S. in Mathematics — Degree Requirements


Students who have not completed undergraduate real analysis or advanced calculus courses deemed equivalent to Math 32300 and 32404 will be required to complete this sequence immediately upon admission; we require a B or better in these courses or their equivalents. Students who have not completed a satisfactory course in linear algebra will be required to complete Math 34600 or its equivalent during their first semester.

Some of our A-level graduate courses have additional undergraduate prerequisites (e.g., PDEs, Number Theory, Probability, and Statistics), but sometimes these can be waived depending on a student's mathematical background.

No credit toward the master's degree is given for any undergraduate courses taken.

Degree requirements

Candidates for the M.S. degree in Mathematics must complete the following:

Required Courses
Three B0000-level courses in Mathematics12 credits
Elective Courses
Additional graduate courses in Mathematics6-18 credits
Graduate courses in other mathematically based disciplines*0-12 credits
Total Credits30

* Prior approval for such courses must be secured from a Graduate Mathematics Advisor.

Additional Requirements

  • Graduate course GPA: 3.00 or above.
  • Thesis: None required.
  • Foreign Language Proficiency: None required.
  • Comprehensive Examination: A written or oral examination is required on all or part of the work counting toward the degree, unless waived by the Graduate Advisor.

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