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Frequently asked questions: program costs and support

About how much does the program cost?

The CCNY tuition and fees webpage gives the current fees. These depend upon resident/non-resident status. The program requires 30 credits, and for part-time resident students the rate as of Spring 2019 is $455 per credit, with $830 per credit for non-resident students. There is a $125 application fee and technology and student fees of between $80 and $130 per semester. Resident students have the option of paying $5,385 for full-time tuition per semester, which makes sense for resident students taking 11 or more credits in a semester. A resident full-time student completing the program in one year will pay about $11,000. A typical part-time student, finishing the program with 8 courses (32 credits) will have paid about $15,000 or $27,000 over the course of two years for all fees and tuition, depending upon residency status.

How long will it take to complete the Master's degree?

The program is flexible. Some full-time students finish in one year, and part-time students generally finish in two years. Students who enter the program in the spring semester may require an extra semester because of scheduling constraints, and of course students who have undergraduate prerequisites to meet will generally take at least one additional semester. Courses are generally offered on a two-year cycle, described on the program FAQ page, which is good to consult for planning. Some students taking one course each semester finish in four years. Students taking two courses per semester often finish in two years. Students taking four courses per semester who start in a Fall semester can finish in one year.

Does the Math Department provide financial support for Master's students?

The Department tries to provide Master's students with adjunct teaching positions. Provided you receive favorable teaching observations and subject to enrollment needs, we may support Master's students in this capacity for two years. Summer teaching may also be available, as well as positions with the office of Adult and Continuing Education and the Freshman Year Program. Adjunct teaching rates vary, but they are generally in the neighborhood of $1000/credit. That is, if you teach a 4 credit course for a semester, that is about $4000.

Limited scholarship support through the Rich Scholarship is sometimes available to graduate students with outstanding academic records. Applications are processed in the spring and the required forms will be available on this site through the scholarship link on the Main menu. Outstanding new applicants for the Master's program will automatically be considered for support through a Rich Scholarship.

Master's candidates are also welcome to apply to tutor in the Math Help Desk.

I'm interested in adjunct teaching. Where do I start?

Adjunct teaching decisions are made by the department chair. Master's students are not given such positions until after their first semester at CCNY. Students interested in adjunct teaching will meet with the adjunct supervisor to discuss their experience and skills. The first step is to contact the chair's assistant, Jason Redman.

The program only requires 30 credits but the courses are 4 credits each. How does that work?

A typical student takes 8 graduate courses of four credits each and actually graduates with 32 credits. Sometimes students manage to graduate with fewer credits, because we sometimes offer three credit topics courses and independent study courses can count anywhere from one to four credits.

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