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Department of Mathematics
The City College of New York
NAC 8/133
Convent Ave at 138th Street
New York, NY 10031

Phone: (212) 650-5346
Fax: (212) 650-6294

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Department of Mathematics

Jacob Goodman

NAC 6/203D
Office hours
M,W 5:45-6:15, F 3:00-4:00, or by appointment
Office phone
(212) 650-5141


Research Interests:

Geometry/Topology: discrete geometry Applied/Computational Mathematics: discrete and computational geometry


After my initial work in algebraic geometry, I have been working in discrete geometry since 1978, and -- along with Richard Pollack of the Courant Institute -- have molded the field that we call discrete and computational geometry and that many mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists now identify as their primary field of interest.

We have done this through our many joint papers and books, as well as through conferences we have organized under the auspices of the American Mathematical Society, the Oberwolfach Research Institute, DIMACS, and MSRI, and through the journal 'Discrete & Computational Geometry' that we created in 1985 and that we continue to edit for Springer-Verlag. Along with Joseph O'Rourke, I am also responsible for the 1500-page 'Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry,' whose second edition is about to appear.

My current research is largely in geometric transversal theory, and involves generalizations of Helly's theorem and its relatives to higher- dimensional transversals to convex sets and their generalizations.