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Graduate Application Fee Reimbursements

Through a generous gift from the Rich family, the Mathematics Department is able to reimburse some of the costs of undergraduate mathematics majors and Master’s mathematics students when applying to graduate (Master’s or PhD) programs which the students are considering enrolling in after graduation from CCNY.

We can reimburse 10 applications and then 75% of up to the next 10 schools with a cap of $1500.


  • You must be an undergraduate junior or senior mathematics major or mathematics master's student. Alternatively, you can be a recent CCNY graduate. You are eligible to apply within a year of graduation.
  • You must have at least a 3.0 average across mathematics courses taken at CCNY.
  • You must meet with a faculty mentor in the mathematics department to discuss the schools to which you intend to apply (see mentor form below).
  • You must have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). (If you do not have one of these then we may not be able to process your reimbursement. Contact Jason Redman to inquire about reimbursement in this case.)
  • You must apply for reimbursement by May 18, 2020.

Reimbursable expenses:

  • Application costs to graduate programs.
  • Costs of taking GRE and TOEFL tests and sending the results to graduate programs.

We require receipts (which must include method of payment, e.g., the last four digits of a credit card) for proof of payment.

Requesting reimbursement: Students need to fill out a Application Fee Reimbursement Form, have a Mentor form signed by a faculty member, attach receipts from all allowable expenses incurred, and give this all to Jason Redman. The forms can be dropped off in person to Jason at his office (NAC 8/201) or sealed in an envelope addressed to Jason and turned in to the Math Office (NAC 8/133). It is okay to apply more than once (for distinct expenses).

Please address questions to Prof. Hooper or Prof. Medvedev.

Meet new mathematics faculty: Cheikhna Mahawa Diagana

Our newest full-time faculty member in the mathematics department, Cheikhna Mahawa Diagana, is not new to City College. Cheikhna has been teaching math courses here for the past nine years. During that time Cheikhna has studied math and worked as an Adjunct Lecturer in undergraduate calculus courses at NYU. He also served as a TA in graduate courses such as Complex Analysis and Real Analysis at NYU.

At City College Cheikhna has been one of our most enthusiastic math teachers. If you have taken a class with Cheikhna, you know that he loves talking about math and working through math problems with City College students. This is not surprising. Cheikhna was once a City College math student himself. He received a BA in pure mathematics from CCNY in 2008 and a MS in mathematics from NYU in 2012.