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The Putnam at CCNY

The Putnam Competition at CCNY is currently being run by Alice Medvedev (as of Fall 2019). We will be running practice sessions every Fall. Email Prof. Medvedev if you would like to participate.

Links about the Putnam

History of the Putnam at City College

We commend the following students for their participation in recent Putnam competitions:

  • 2018: Nicolas Naing
  • 2016: Allen Kim, Gautam Ramasubramanian, Laisa Barros (Allen Kim ranked in the top 500 students)
  • 2015: Laisa Barros, Allen Kim, Gautam Ramasubramanian, Anna Tao
  • 2014: Allen Kim, Jean Pena, Gautam Ramasubramanian
  • 2011: Yin Choi Cheng, Yin Pak Cheng, Sam Kim

Historically, City College has had some students do very well on the Putnam. Most recently, Jan K. Siwanowicz was a Putnam Fellow in 2001, meaning he had one of the top five scores on the competition. (You can see his interview on interviewed on CUNY TV.) A quick search of prior winners yields many from City College.