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CCNY Senior Nazifa Taha

Feb. 24, 2021

Nazifa Taha is a senior applied mathematics major at CCNY. She is now a data analyst intern at NASA!

Hear about it from Nazifa herself!

Photo of Nazifa Taha My name is Nazifa Taha and I am a senior studying applied mathematics. My primary interests lie in applying data science, mathematics, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools in sustainability and climate science domains. Currently, I am an intern at NASA Headquarters and my primary role is to analyze data. I am working on a project with NASA mentors to build a standardized package to help Science Mission Directorate staff track their program statistics. My work is very rewarding because I am contributing to NASA Missions and learning to work with real life data which is a dream come true. I am seeing applications of Mathematics unfold in the real world.

I decided to study Applied Math because of two reasons. First, I enjoyed doing math problems and second, I wanted to learn how Mathematics is applied in our day-to-day life. I want to thank Prof. Gennady Yassiyevich for supporting me in my journey and for his excellent teaching skills. I was able to walk out of his lectures with competency and curiosity to learn more. I want to thank Prof. Jack Hanson for his continuous support and kindness in my endeavors. I also want to thank Jason Redman for always being there to chat and giving me advice whenever I was having a hard time in making academic and career decisions.

Lastly, to all the students – I want to share a message that continuously inspires me. “If you really want something, you're going to have to work hard, you'll have to take advantage of every opportunity but don't give up.” - Dr. Jane Goodall.