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CCNY Graduate Student Gabriela Brown is headed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to start a Ph.D. in mathematics.

June 1, 2023

CCNY Mathematics Graduate Student Gabriela Brown has been accepted to the Mathematics Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin, where she has been awarded five years of support via fellowship and teaching assistantship to pursue her doctoral studies there.

Her undergraduate training and work experience was in Computer Science and the CCNY graduate program in mathematics is structured to serve students who have strong interest in mathematics, whether or not they have undergraduate degrees in Mathematics.

——— In her words:

I am very grateful for the opportunity CCNY has given me to pursue my interest in mathematics, and to all the people who have encouraged and challenged me in the last two years. A younger version of myself never would have imagined going on to do a Ph.D. in math, and now I’m so excited to be starting the program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I only realized half way through my undergraduate degree that I liked math and wanted to learn more about it. After working for a few years, I started at CCNY in 2021 to pursue this interest more intently. In my time at CCNY I’ve fallen in love with algebra, and hope to continue studying representation theory and algebraic geometry at UW-Madison.

I would like to especially thank Prof. Zajj Daugherty for the most amazing class sequence in algebra and representation theory, and Prof. Benjamin Steinberg for guiding me through a very interesting Rich internship and directed reading in semigroup representation theory. They have both been kind, supportive, and important mentors for me on the path to becoming a professional mathematician.

I also had two wonderful classes with Prof. Pat Hooper and Prof. Christian Wolf in symbolic dynamics, which challenged me to see the beauty in calculus and introduced me to cool problems that require perspectives from multiple different areas of math to understand.

While helping run AWM and Math Club I’ve had the privilege of working with the administrators of the math department, George Braithwaite, Dana Mann, and Jason Redman, whose incredible care and hard work make the department run smoothly. To George especially I am grateful for his quick replies to last minute event planning emails, and kind conversations whenever I stopped by the department office.

Something I’ve especially enjoyed in my time at CCNY is how much the master's students are here because we all just really love math and want to learn as much as we can. I’ve had so many great conversations and homework problem sessions with my peers in this department, and definitely would not have understood half of what I did in my classes without their insight and support!