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Department of Mathematics
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Inactive courses

These courses are no longer being offered by our department. See the individual course pages for an explanation.

Undergraduate Courses in Mathematics
Math 20200: Calculus II
Math 51100: Selected Topics in Pure Mathematics
Math 51200: Selected Topics in Classical Analysis
Math 51300: Selected Topics in Probability, Statistics, and Operations Research
Graduate Courses in Mathematics
Math A1400: Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics
Graduate Courses in Education
Math 0400E: Foundations of Geometry
Math 0500E: Classic Applications of Calculus I
Math 0600E: Classic Applications of Calculus II
Math 0700E: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
Math 0800E: Transformational Geometry
Math 1000E: The History of Mathematics
Math 1100E: Advanced Euclidean Geometry
Math 1200E: Fundamental Concepts of Modern Mathematics
Math 1900E: Mathematical Computer Software
Math 2100E: Probability
Math 2200E: Mathematical Statistics
Math 2600E: Linear Algebra
Math 2700E: Theory of Numbers
Math 2800E: Numerical Analysis
Math 2900E: Topics in Higher Algebra
Math 3200F: Independent Study and Research in Mathematics
Math 3201F: Independent Study and Research in Mathematics
Math 3202F: Independent Study and Research in Mathematics
Math 3203F: Independent Study and Research in Mathematics
Math 3700E: Topology
Math 4600C: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
Math 4700C: Mathematical Foundations in Arithmetic
Math 4800C: Mathematical Foundations in Algebra and Geometry
Math 6500C: Mathematical Applications in Science and Industry
Math 7500E: Classic Applications of Advanced Calculus
Math 7700E: Modern Algebra
Math 8101E: Algebra for High School Teachers