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Department of Mathematics
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Math 37700: Applied Statistics and Probability

Supervisor: Shirshendu Chatterjee

Introduction to SPSS; Introduction to Matlab; modeling and construction of random variables; study of Z, chi-square, t, and F distributions; study of order statistics; determination of p-values; understanding of hypothesis testing and confidence intervals; organization of data; various descriptive statistics such as measures of variability and location; categorical variables; sampling distributions with SPSS; statistical inference, linear regression models; regression analysis; analysis of variance; the jackknife methodology of computer based estimation, discriminant analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis. Pre/Coreq.: Grade of C or higher in MATH 37600. Prereq.; CSC 10200 or CSC 10300. Exceptions granted by departmental permission. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.


This class is not being offered in Fall 2023.

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