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  • Tuesday, November 13, 2007, 12:45PM, NAC 4113

    Prof. Sean Cleary (CCNY Math Department), Not Knot

    There will be a screening of the award winning geometry animation Not Knot. Prof. Cleary will then lead a discussion of some of the mathematics behind the striking images. A brief description of the video is available at http://www.geom.uiuc.edu/video/NotKnot/

  • Tuesday, October 02, 2007, 12:45PM, NAC 6113

    Prof. Gautam Chinta (City College), Proofs of the Infinitude of Primes

    For a related and not too technical discussion, see the paper "Are there Infinitely Many Twin Primes?" by D. Goldston at http://front.math.ucdavis.edu/0710.2123. More papers by Professor Goldston and collaborators on new results in prime number theory can be found at http://front.math.ucdavis.edu/author/D.Goldston.

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