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CCNY Rich Summer Intern - Abdullah Khan

Abdullah Khan is a double major in Physics and Mathematics at CCNY. He is also the recipient of the Dr. Barnett and Jean Hollander Rich 2020 Summer Internship where he worked with Prof. Tamara Kucherenko.

Hear more about it from Abdullah himself!

My name is Abdullah Khan and I interned for Professor Tamara Kucherenko during this past summer. The duration of my work consisted of characterizing the continuity class of a roof function which is part of Prof. Kucherenko's first explicit example of suspension flows with non-unique measures of maximal entropy in her joint paper. Additionally, I sought to find new roof functions in more restrictive classes of continuity supporting the same types of suspension flows. These tasks involved understanding and applying notions from analysis on metric spaces and appropriately utilizing mathematical results from literature to construct different lemmas and their proofs.

Immersing myself in research with Prof. Kucherenko made my summer much brighter - honing my creativity, constructing rigorous proofs and becoming a careful thinker has been such a rewarding experience. With the Professor's kind and friendly encouragement, I'm more excited about research and my major than ever before.

My sincere thanks to my parents - Fouzia and Moin - for their continued support and love, to my partner, Searra, for always being there for me, and to her parents - Corrine and Frank - for generously supporting me in every way they could.

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