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CCNY Rich Summer Intern - Brenda Delamonica

Brenda Delamonica is a student in the Master of Science (M.S.) program in Mathematics at CCNY. She is also the recipient of the Dr. Barnett and Jean Hollander Rich 2020 Summer Internship where she worked with Michael Shub.

Hear more about it from Brenda herself!

My name is Brenda Delamonica and I worked with professor Shub to study how concepts in dynamical systems apply to models of metastatic cell behavior. What I enjoyed the most was seeing how these mathematical concepts apply to real world problems and questions and in particular, I liked collaborating and learning from others in various fields such as biologists at Stonybrook, and computer scientists at the University of Michigan. I've always enjoyed math, it's fun to get lost in problems and I like discovering various applications of math in other fields.

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