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Karoline Dubin accepted to the University of Illinois, Chicago for her Ph.D

This fall, I will start my Ph.D in math at the University of Illinois Chicago. I entered the masters program at City College thinking I wanted to do applied work; my motivation for studying math was to build a theoretical foundation to work in climate research. Under the guidance and support of the professors here, I became more interested in theoretical coursework, and decided to pursue a doctorate degree in math.

I have experienced both intellectual and personal growth while at CCNY; I attribute this to the wonderful people here. The student body is diverse in every sense, and I have become friends with people of exceptional backgrounds and varied interests. My perception of what mathematical research is and who can participate has changed for the better in my two years here.

There have been many people who helped me along the way. I am particularly thankful for: Jason Redman who has been a cheerleader and ally; Prof Wolf who has been nothing but enthusiastic and encouraging; Prof Daugherty who has been a great source of advice, both personal and for AWM; and Prof Hanson who helped spark my interest in probability theory, and who has been a kind and patient mentor through my application process and our remote independent study. I regret not being able to thank each of you in person.

Finishing my degree remotely has been a strange way to close this chapter, and this makes me think about how fundamental the community around school is to my academic journey. The flavor of math is different when you sit alone at a desk from when you sit in a room together with peers. With this in mind, I look forward to entering a new community, and I am excited to see in what directions UIC takes me.

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