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Pavel Javornik accepted to Northwestern University for his Ph.D

I can recall snippets of memories throughout my life that might have suggested I would go on to study mathematics, but it wouldn’t be until my first few semesters at City College that it became clear to me that I had a real love for the subject. To me, it seemed that the math department’s mission was to uplift their students and make them see their true potential. From the first time I awkwardly walked into the chair’s office to inquire about the Math Club, I was welcomed with open arms. I knew then that I wholly wanted to emulate these people. I would like to thank George Brathwaite, Dana Mann, Dr. Michael Shub, and Mark Turner on behalf of the Math Club and the Association for Women in Mathematics CCNY Chapter for all of their support throughout the years. We could not have done it without your help in coordinating, funding, and even taking a part in our events. And I couldn’t have made it here now without your support. I will sincerely miss coming up there just to chat with you all.

I would like to personally thank Jason Redman, Dr. Bianca Santoro, Dr. Pat Hooper, Dr. Zajj Daugherty, Dr. Ethan Akin, Dr. Christian Wolf, Dr. Joseph Bak, and Dr. Alice Medvedev for all of their help with club activities, and for providing personal guidance. Even when things were tough, you all came through for me in ways I never expected. It is the sort of kindness I intend to honor by passing along down the road. Our interactions have meant the world to me. I would also like to thank the scholarship committee for making it possible for me, and so many others like me, to devote so much of our time to pursue our interests by alleviating the stress of making ends meet. The time I’ve spent poring over material, and working with others has been some of the most meaningful to me. Everyone in this department has greatly influenced my current trajectory, and I hope that we all keep in touch in the future.

I want to thank my girlfriend, Orian, and all my friends – Casey, Karoline, Anna, Joe, Kameron, Vincent, to name a few– that I’ve met here at City College for their support, and companionship over the years. The picture would feel incomplete without any one of you there. I have nothing but love for all of you and wish you all the best in your future.

Every chapter in our lives has to come to a close sometime, and I am glad I spent this chapter here at City. I will be moving to Chicago and attending Northwestern University in the Fall to pursue my Ph.D in mathematics. With everything I’ve learned from the people in this school, I feel confident about the future. I am eternally grateful to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here, and for the opportunity to deepen my understanding of mathematics, as well as the sorts of communities it attracts.

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