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CCNY Graduate Julia Saccamano

Julia Saccamano graduated from CCNY in 2019 with a B.S. in applied mathematics and a minor in economics. She is now working as a Research Associate at Deerfield Management, a healthcare investment firm!

Hear about it from Julia herself!

My name is Julia Saccamano and I’m a 2019 graduate of the CCNY math department. I hold a BS in applied mathematics and a minor in economics. After graduating, I started working full time as a Research Associate at Deerfield Management, a healthcare investment firm where I interned the previous summer. I currently provide primary market research and analysis for companies and products in various healthcare sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services.

My favorite part about my work is the fact that I’m constantly learning. We need to understand and analyze the medical world as it advances, which is a never-ending process. It sometimes feels like not a lot has changed since I was a student because I’m still using the same skills that I developed during undergrad. I still get projects/assignments, have deadlines, do research, analyze data, and need to present my work.

When picking my major I didn’t know of many career opportunities for mathematics (aside from teaching or academia) but I decided that studying math was the best fit for me. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I got exposed to many opportunities and avenues that revolved around math that I had no idea existed. One pathway led to the internship that I took at Deerfield as part of its Fellows program. Most of this exposure was outside of the classroom: talking with professors/faculty, going to lectures, and joining clubs and fellowship programs. This lead to me realize the importance of networking and being proactive to finding opportunities.

On that note, I’d like to thank Jason Redman for helping me learn to navigate the math department and for being available to answer any questions I had. I’d also like to express my deep gratitude to Professor Akin for his support over the years. Whether it was concerning classes, independent studies, internships, scholarships, presentations, or just general words of wisdom, he was always there for me, and I am sure I would not be where I am today without him.

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