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NYC Regional Math Alliance Conference

The NYC Regional Math Alliance organized a one-day conference highlighting the research of students being mentored by the NYC Math Alliance. The conference was held at the City College of New York on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 and featured short contributed talks by undergraduate students, poster sessions, two plenary talks, and a panel discussion on preparing for graduate school. Parallel sessions for the contributed talks will brought together students and faculty with shared interests in smaller groups. The poster sessions offered an opportunity for informal mathematical discussions. A special thanks to the organizers Prof. Gautam Chinta (CCNY), Prof. W. Patrick Hooper (CCNY), and Prof. Louis Beaugris (Kean University)

Prof. Gideon Zamba (University of Iowa) - keynote speaker.

Panelist (from the left)
W. Patrick Hooper, Professor of Mathematics and Director of the NYC Math Alliance, CUNY City College of New York.
Aihua Li, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Montclair State University.
Ilya Kofman, Deputy Executive Director of the Mathematics PhD Program, CUNY Graduate Center
Zheng-Chao Han, Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University
Melody Goodman, Professor of Biostatistics, NYU College of Global Public Health
Thaddeus Tarpey, PhD Program Director Division of Biostatistics, NYU School of Medicine

Vincent Filardi (CCNY)- General Electric Aviation Material Wear Data Analysis

Anastasiia Timashova (CCNY) - Introduction to Residual Finiteness Growth Functions

Junjie Chen (CCNY) - Residual Finiteness Growths of Lamplighter Groups

Marino Echavarria (CCNY) - A Low Memory MPC Algorithm for the Minimum Cut

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