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Math Club & AWM - Rich Internship Math Presentation

Tuesday, Sept.17th, 12:45-1:45 in NAC 6/310 Rich Summer Internship participants, Joe Winter and Samuel Young, will be giving presentations on their work in two exciting fields.

Joe Winter
My work focuses on the dynamical system known as the perturbed doubling map, a function on the complex plane that maps a complex number z to z-squared + c, where c is a complex number known as the perturbation constant. My talk will detail computational approaches to estimating and visualizing the Julia set of this map. I will also discuss strategies used to estimate periodic points of the map which are then used to explore the relation between c and the maximization of a particular potential.

Samuel Young
The abstract commensurator of a group, Comm(G), generalizes the notion of the automorphism group Aut(G). We study a new variation of Comm(F2), which embeds in Comm(F2), which we show is not locally residually finite.
There will be pizza and refreshments!

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