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Miami University SUMSRI

Congratulations to Vincent Filardi for being accepted into the Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (SUMSRI) at Miami University for 6 weeks, expenses fully covered! He is one of eight students selected for the program. Continuing the trend of CCNY students applying to summer programs, he will be studying dynamical systems.

Hear about Vincent's story

I chose this program because due to its GRE prep, a chance participates in rigorous mathematical research, and to network within mathematics outside of the CCNY sphere. I was also given an offer for WPI’s REU, but it was much more concerned with industrial math.

My advice to other students is to prepare earlier unlike I did and apply to as many REU’s and hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

As a transfer student form Norwalk Community College and only 2 semesters at CCNY I am extremely fortunate to participate in Miami’s 2018 SUMSRI. My intent at the SUMSRI is to utilize its resources to enrich my passion and to turn my curiosity into a career in academia. I would like to thank all the people that helped me in the process: Professor Daupern, Professor Karnowski, Professor Hanson, Professor Santoro, Dr. Vanessa Morest, and Jeffrey Bettz.”

Also, in the spirit of diversity of CCNY I am a first-generation college student.

For more information on the SUMSRI, click here.

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