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CCNY Graduate Jean-Pierre Kassegne (10/26/2020)

Jean-Pierre Kassegne graduated from CCNY in 2017 with a B.A. in pure mathematics. He is now working as an actuary with MetLife!

Hear about it from Jean-Pierre himself!

My name is Jean-Pierre Kodjo Kassegne and I completed my bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics from the City College of New York in 2017. I am currently working for MetLife as an actuary. I started my actuarial career right after graduation from the CCNY. During my time at CCNY, I knew what I wanted to do with my degree in mathematics which is becoming an actuary. Therefore, I took advantage of all the great resources provided by the math department that prepared me for my career.

In the summers of 2016 and 2017, I did the Rich Summer Internship with Prof. Alice Medvedev and Prof. Shirshendu Chatterjee where I picked up tremendous programming skills and learned how to become a careful thinker through rigorous proofs. The skills I acquired through the internships prepared me so well for my career.

With a major in Pure Math, we had a lot of elective courses. So, I used this opportunity to take classes in probability, statistics, financial mathematics, and programming. As a result, I started taking actuarial exams while I was at CCNY. I ended up passing the first three exams before graduation, which was a big factor in finding a job after graduation.

At MetLife, my daily work involves using the analytical and quantitative skills I developed from the CCNY. If I must redo it all over again, I won’t hesitate to choose the City College of New York. I am grateful for all the help I received during my time there. I want to take this opportunity to thank my friend Djiby Top, Prof. Christian Wolf, Prof. Alice Medvedev, Prof. Shirshendu Chatterjee, Prof. Joseph Bak, Prof. Jay Jorgenson and many others for all the support and advice. A special thanks to Jason Redman who is always available for guidance. I learned about internships and scholarship opportunities through him. To any CCNY math student who wants to become an actuary, do not hesitate to reach out via LinkedIn.

In Memoriam: Stanley Kaplan and Raymond Hoobler (09/18/2020)

The Department of Mathematics marks with profound sadness the passing of Professor Emeritus Stanley Kaplan and Professor Emeritus Raymond Hoobler on March 23 and April 29, respectively. Besides being beloved members of our department, they were also on the faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center Mathematics Program.

Click here to view the orbituary for Professor Kaplan.

Click here to view an article written about Professor Hoobler.

CCNY Rich Summer Intern - Abdullah Khan (09/10/2020)

Abdullah Khan is a double major in Physics and Mathematics at CCNY. He is also the recipient of the Dr. Barnett and Jean Hollander Rich 2020 Summer Internship where he worked with Prof. Tamara Kucherenko.

Hear more about it from Abdullah himself!

My name is Abdullah Khan and I interned for Professor Tamara Kucherenko during this past summer. The duration of my work consisted of characterizing the continuity class of a roof function which is part of Prof. Kucherenko's first explicit example of suspension flows with non-unique measures of maximal entropy in her joint paper. Additionally, I sought to find new roof functions in more restrictive classes of continuity supporting the same types of suspension flows. These tasks involved understanding and applying notions from analysis on metric spaces and appropriately utilizing mathematical results from literature to construct different lemmas and their proofs.

Immersing myself in research with Prof. Kucherenko made my summer much brighter - honing my creativity, constructing rigorous proofs and becoming a careful thinker has been such a rewarding experience. With the Professor's kind and friendly encouragement, I'm more excited about research and my major than ever before.

My sincere thanks to my parents - Fouzia and Moin - for their continued support and love, to my partner, Searra, for always being there for me, and to her parents - Corrine and Frank - for generously supporting me in every way they could.

CCNY Rich Summer Intern - Brenda Delamonica (09/07/2020)

Brenda Delamonica is a student in the Master of Science (M.S.) program in Mathematics at CCNY. She is also the recipient of the Dr. Barnett and Jean Hollander Rich 2020 Summer Internship where she worked with Michael Shub.

Hear more about it from Brenda herself!

My name is Brenda Delamonica and I worked with professor Shub to study how concepts in dynamical systems apply to models of metastatic cell behavior. What I enjoyed the most was seeing how these mathematical concepts apply to real world problems and questions and in particular, I liked collaborating and learning from others in various fields such as biologists at Stonybrook, and computer scientists at the University of Michigan. I've always enjoyed math, it's fun to get lost in problems and I like discovering various applications of math in other fields.

Merna Youssef accepted to the University of Texas at Austin for her Ph.D (07/15/2020)

This Fall, I will start my Ph.D in Physics at the University of Texas at Austin. I was admitted to the City College of New York in 2015 with the goal to pursue physics for my bachelor’s degree. When I was a sophomore, I declared my major to be physics but I felt unsatisfied to leave mathematics. A few days later, I declared my second major to be math with a concentration in pure mathematics. Pursuing a double major in physics and mathematics at CCNY opened the door for me to meet with a lot of people from whom I have learned a lot in and outside of academia.

I want to thank my research supervisor, Professor Alexios Polychronakos, for giving me the opportunity to perform my honors thesis under his invaluable guidance. He has taught me how to be resilient and how to overcome frustration. His sincerity, kindness, and love for physics have inspired me. Also, thanks to Professor Parameswaran Nair for giving me the chance to conduct two independent studies over the topic of particle physics and for the invaluable discussions I had with him, which opened a new door of interest to me in physics.

I would also like to thank Professor Christian Wolf from the Mathematics Department for showing me the beauty of mathematics and for his support in graduate school applications. His enthusiasm and motivation towards mathematics have inspired me. I am thankful for all the support and guidance he had offered me in these past two years.

I would be a remiss if I didn’t mention Professor Timothy Boyer who has been my role model as an amazing instructor. I am deeply grateful to have learned from him how to be an advocate for one’s opinion in science even if it is against the flow. I also want to thank Dr. James Hedberg, Professor Joel Gersten, Professor Alexander Punnose and Professor Joseph Bak for their council and advice throughout the past 5 years.

I also want to thank my cohort in the physics and the math department for being who they are. I honored to be one of them, as they were very encouraging, loving, and wonderful colleagues in every meaning of the word.

I am grateful for the people who gave me opportunities, and I regret that I couldn’t thank each one of them as I have intended to do so. Lastly and above everything, I want to thank god for the love, support and guidance he has given me to pursue this academic path against all odds set before me. And also for giving me the opportunity to meet those wonderful people and be a part of the CCNY community, which has offered me more than what I have dreamed of as an immigrant wishing to study physics. I appreciate every single moment I was able to go to school and be part of such a wonderful community. With that said, I am looking forward to joining UT Austin’s community and I am excited to see what UT Austin is holding for me.

CCNY Graduate Joseph Winter (07/06/2020)

Joseph Winter graduated from CCNY in 2019 with a M.S. in mathematics. He is now working as a data scientist with Moat!

Hear about it from Joseph himself!

I completed the Master’s program in the CCNY Department of Mathematics in the spring of 2019. After graduation, I did research with Professor Christian Wolf over the summer, where I honed some computer programming skills as a resident at the Recurse Center in the early fall, and then found a job as a Data Scientist at Moat.

Moat primarily does measurement and analytics for online/digital advertising. My specific team is research oriented: we try to discover and implement new methods for detecting ‘invalid traffic’ (which includes both benign bots and active fraud operations). A lot of the math that I make use of as a data science is statistics (ironically, a course I never took at CCNY!), but I think the range of graduate-level work in mathematics gave me the confidence to approach difficult technical questions.

Math in ad-tech is certainly not always the most sophisticated, but I think my research experience and coursework at City allows me to tackle more interesting problems and understand the tools of data science more deeply, ultimately making me better at my job. There a quite a few math people on my team at work: we read and share mathematical papers on a regular basis. One of my projects currently involves reconstructing continuous gestures made by mobile devices from discrete data, a project where I’ve applied both algebra (group theory) and analysis. I feel luck that even working in industry, I found a place where I can explore open-ended questions.

I came to CCNY more than decade after I finished my previous degrees in Art. In 2016/17, I took a few semesters of calculus along with linear algebra at Laguardia Community College, and all of a sudden I found myself in a mathematics graduate program! I love that the CCNY gives people from unconventional backgrounds a chance to dive into math. The affordability and evening-centric course schedule of the MS program are only outshined by its talented faculty. After spending a few weeks in a classroom with Professors Zajj Daugherty and Christian Wolf (with whom I worked for 2 and 4 semesters, respectively), I knew I was in the exact right place. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and encouragement.

Karoline Dubin accepted to the University of Illinois, Chicago for her Ph.D (06/30/2020)

This fall, I will start my Ph.D in math at the University of Illinois Chicago. I entered the masters program at City College thinking I wanted to do applied work; my motivation for studying math was to build a theoretical foundation to work in climate research. Under the guidance and support of the professors here, I became more interested in theoretical coursework, and decided to pursue a doctorate degree in math.

I have experienced both intellectual and personal growth while at CCNY; I attribute this to the wonderful people here. The student body is diverse in every sense, and I have become friends with people of exceptional backgrounds and varied interests. My perception of what mathematical research is and who can participate has changed for the better in my two years here.

There have been many people who helped me along the way. I am particularly thankful for: Jason Redman who has been a cheerleader and ally; Prof Wolf who has been nothing but enthusiastic and encouraging; Prof Daugherty who has been a great source of advice, both personal and for AWM; and Prof Hanson who helped spark my interest in probability theory, and who has been a kind and patient mentor through my application process and our remote independent study. I regret not being able to thank each of you in person.

Finishing my degree remotely has been a strange way to close this chapter, and this makes me think about how fundamental the community around school is to my academic journey. The flavor of math is different when you sit alone at a desk from when you sit in a room together with peers. With this in mind, I look forward to entering a new community, and I am excited to see in what directions UIC takes me.

Sarah Van accepted to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her Ph.D (05/12/2020)

I had a rough start as an undergraduate at CCNY, but I was able to pick myself up from the mistakes that I made during my first year. My desire to study mathematics and all the people that have supported me throughout my undergraduate years, helped me get this far. I am now graduating soon, and this fall I will be starting my Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I want to thank Tai-Danae Bradley for the push she gave me in the summer of my freshman year to start thinking about my future goals in mathematics. She led me to Jason Redman, who helped me select a suitable mentor for me. I want to thank Jason for all his help as well. Because of Jason, I was able to learn about many opportunities that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I want to give a very huge thanks to Professor Khalid Bou-Rabee for mentoring me for several years during my undergraduate years, and for believing in me and helping me lift myself up when I was struggling. A huge portion of my success is due to Professor Bou-Rabee’s mentorship. I also want to thank all the professors who have taught me during my years at CCNY. I learned a lot from their lectures and I appreciated every faculty member’s unique teaching style. I am so glad to have been a student at CCNY for the past four years.

I also want to thank my closest friend, Cristian, and my family for their continued support throughout my undergraduate years. Emotional support is just as important as academic support and I am grateful to have had both.

I wish success to all the graduating seniors from CCNY who are going to start on their Ph.D.’s this fall. Best of luck to us!

Abdoulaye Maiga accepted to Rochester Institute of Technology for his Ph.D (05/11/2020)

My name is Abdoulaye Maiga, and I will be graduating during this Spring of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in pure mathematics. My journey as an undergraduate student at CCNY began during the Fall of 2016. At the time, I was already very motivated to learn more about the topic that excited me the most since high school. Inspired by my cousin, who also studied mathematics, I became more and more interested in using mathematics to solve problems in related fields such as biology and physics.

Before even declaring my major, the department of mathematics already seemed to have adopted me as one of their own. I was very lucky to meet early in my education incredible people such as Dr. Michael Shub, Dr. Joseph Bak, Jason Redman, George Brathwaite, and everyone else that I did not mention who informed me about various opportunities I could get if I was able to maintain a good academic standard.

I want to personally thank Dr. Michael Shub who decided very early to become my mentor and introduced me to Math Alliance. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. I also want to personally thank Dr. Christian Wolf, Dr. Patrick Hooper, and Dr. Joseph Bak for all their help, guidance, and for believing in me. I never thought that I could be calm and relaxed while talking to a Professor, but I was very comfortable talking to all of you.

The department of mathematics here at CCNY is composed of an amazing group of people, from faculty to staff, who will believe in you. They will do their best to provide you with all the resources you need to reach your goals and be successful. Thanks to Dr. Khalid Bou-Rabee, Dr. Patrick Hooper, Dr. Michael Shub, and Dr. Christian Wolf, I was always able to expand my knowledge of mathematics through independent studies, summer internships, and a summer school.

Thanks to Professor Elizabeth Blair Davey who taught me to be rigorous in mathematics since Calculus 1. I cannot forget to thank Dr. Eli Amzallag for his great lectures, and my favorite teacher and role model Gennady Yassiyevich. I am really going to miss everyone I have met at the department. This is not a goodbye, but a see you soon.

A very important chapter is coming to the end, and a new one is about to open. I have chosen to join Rochester Institute of Technology in the Fall for a Ph.D. in Mathematical modeling to make my dreams come true, but CCNY will always occupy a special place in my life in general, and in my education in particular. Without all the support I received here at CCNY, I wouldn’t have been able to become a future Ph.D. student by myself. I am grateful to have made friends that share the same passion here. Karoline Dubin, Pavel Javornik, Sarah Van, Vincent Filardi, Junjie Chen, Ana Tao, I wish you all the best in your programs and I am sure that we will all do our best to make CCNY proud of us.

Pavel Javornik accepted to Northwestern University for his Ph.D (05/08/2020)

I can recall snippets of memories throughout my life that might have suggested I would go on to study mathematics, but it wouldn’t be until my first few semesters at City College that it became clear to me that I had a real love for the subject. To me, it seemed that the math department’s mission was to uplift their students and make them see their true potential. From the first time I awkwardly walked into the chair’s office to inquire about the Math Club, I was welcomed with open arms. I knew then that I wholly wanted to emulate these people. I would like to thank George Brathwaite, Dana Mann, Dr. Michael Shub, and Mark Turner on behalf of the Math Club and the Association for Women in Mathematics CCNY Chapter for all of their support throughout the years. We could not have done it without your help in coordinating, funding, and even taking a part in our events. And I couldn’t have made it here now without your support. I will sincerely miss coming up there just to chat with you all.

I would like to personally thank Jason Redman, Dr. Bianca Santoro, Dr. Pat Hooper, Dr. Zajj Daugherty, Dr. Ethan Akin, Dr. Christian Wolf, Dr. Joseph Bak, and Dr. Alice Medvedev for all of their help with club activities, and for providing personal guidance. Even when things were tough, you all came through for me in ways I never expected. It is the sort of kindness I intend to honor by passing along down the road. Our interactions have meant the world to me. I would also like to thank the scholarship committee for making it possible for me, and so many others like me, to devote so much of our time to pursue our interests by alleviating the stress of making ends meet. The time I’ve spent poring over material, and working with others has been some of the most meaningful to me. Everyone in this department has greatly influenced my current trajectory, and I hope that we all keep in touch in the future.

I want to thank my girlfriend, Orian, and all my friends – Casey, Karoline, Anna, Joe, Kameron, Vincent, to name a few– that I’ve met here at City College for their support, and companionship over the years. The picture would feel incomplete without any one of you there. I have nothing but love for all of you and wish you all the best in your future.

Every chapter in our lives has to come to a close sometime, and I am glad I spent this chapter here at City. I will be moving to Chicago and attending Northwestern University in the Fall to pursue my Ph.D in mathematics. With everything I’ve learned from the people in this school, I feel confident about the future. I am eternally grateful to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here, and for the opportunity to deepen my understanding of mathematics, as well as the sorts of communities it attracts.

San Diego State University REU (12/09/2019)

San Diego State University is pleased to invite applications to its Summer 2020 Mathematics Research Experience for Undergraduates. The program dates this year will be June 14 to August 7, subject to final NSF approval. The projects will be in number theory.

The program will pay a stipend of $4000, provide housing, and some support for food for participants and the application deadline is March 1, 2020. For a detailed program description and application instructions/materials, please see the program website:


Math Club & AWM Student Seminar (12/03/2019)

The Math Club & Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) hosted a student seminar to give students a glimpse into more advanced fields of mathematics. Prof. Bianca Santoro gave a talk on geometry and Prof. Ethan Akin gave a talk on game theory.

CCNY Graduate Julia Saccamano (11/14/2019)

Julia Saccamano graduated from CCNY in 2019 with a B.S. in applied mathematics and a minor in economics. She is now working as a Research Associate at Deerfield Management, a healthcare investment firm!

Hear about it from Julia herself!

My name is Julia Saccamano and I’m a 2019 graduate of the CCNY math department. I hold a BS in applied mathematics and a minor in economics. After graduating, I started working full time as a Research Associate at Deerfield Management, a healthcare investment firm where I interned the previous summer. I currently provide primary market research and analysis for companies and products in various healthcare sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services.

My favorite part about my work is the fact that I’m constantly learning. We need to understand and analyze the medical world as it advances, which is a never-ending process. It sometimes feels like not a lot has changed since I was a student because I’m still using the same skills that I developed during undergrad. I still get projects/assignments, have deadlines, do research, analyze data, and need to present my work.

When picking my major I didn’t know of many career opportunities for mathematics (aside from teaching or academia) but I decided that studying math was the best fit for me. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I got exposed to many opportunities and avenues that revolved around math that I had no idea existed. One pathway led to the internship that I took at Deerfield as part of its Fellows program. Most of this exposure was outside of the classroom: talking with professors/faculty, going to lectures, and joining clubs and fellowship programs. This lead to me realize the importance of networking and being proactive to finding opportunities.

On that note, I’d like to thank Jason Redman for helping me learn to navigate the math department and for being available to answer any questions I had. I’d also like to express my deep gratitude to Professor Akin for his support over the years. Whether it was concerning classes, independent studies, internships, scholarships, presentations, or just general words of wisdom, he was always there for me, and I am sure I would not be where I am today without him.

Rich Internship Math Presentation (10/02/2019)

Tuesday, October 10th, 12:45-1:45 in NAC 6/310 Rich Summer Internship participants, Abdullah Khan and Ryan Olsen, will be giving presentations on their work in two exciting fields!

Abdullah Khan
My work with Professor Medvedev involved studying specific parts of a Theorem by Hrushovski in a paper by Hirotaka Kikyo “On Generic Predicates and Automorphisms” in logic. My goal over the summer was to learn the necessary abstract algebra to parse this theorem and understand it. My final report consists of the preliminary mathematics needed to do this and an exposition of the theorem by Hrushovski from the perspective of an introductory student of mathematics.

Ryan Olsen
A theoretical cryptographic scheme based upon sending a string of bits, 0 and 1. This protocol circumvents the computational hardness assumptions found in most cryptosystems used today, although with a slight loss in accuracy. Its implementation and further improvements will be discussed.
There will be pizza and refreshments!

NYC Regional Math Alliance Conference (09/27/2019)

The NYC Regional Math Alliance organized a one-day conference highlighting the research of students being mentored by the NYC Math Alliance. The conference was held at the City College of New York on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 and featured short contributed talks by undergraduate students, poster sessions, two plenary talks, and a panel discussion on preparing for graduate school. Parallel sessions for the contributed talks will brought together students and faculty with shared interests in smaller groups. The poster sessions offered an opportunity for informal mathematical discussions. A special thanks to the organizers Prof. Gautam Chinta (CCNY), Prof. W. Patrick Hooper (CCNY), and Prof. Louis Beaugris (Kean University)

Prof. Gideon Zamba (University of Iowa) - keynote speaker.

Panelist (from the left)
W. Patrick Hooper, Professor of Mathematics and Director of the NYC Math Alliance, CUNY City College of New York.
Aihua Li, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Montclair State University.
Ilya Kofman, Deputy Executive Director of the Mathematics PhD Program, CUNY Graduate Center
Zheng-Chao Han, Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University
Melody Goodman, Professor of Biostatistics, NYU College of Global Public Health
Thaddeus Tarpey, PhD Program Director Division of Biostatistics, NYU School of Medicine

Vincent Filardi (CCNY)- General Electric Aviation Material Wear Data Analysis

Anastasiia Timashova (CCNY) - Introduction to Residual Finiteness Growth Functions

Junjie Chen (CCNY) - Residual Finiteness Growths of Lamplighter Groups

Marino Echavarria (CCNY) - A Low Memory MPC Algorithm for the Minimum Cut

Math Club Welcome Back Party (09/18/2019)

The Math Club will have a welcome back party on September 26th from 12:45PM-1:45PM in NAC 6/310 to discuss what kinds of events you might want to see the Math Club host, as well as various opportunities for undergraduate students like the department's new 4+1 joint Bachelor's/Master's degree program. Come grab some pizza and meet some other math enthusiasts!

Math Club & AWM - Rich Internship Math Presentation (09/13/2019)

Tuesday, Sept.17th, 12:45-1:45 in NAC 6/310 Rich Summer Internship participants, Joe Winter and Samuel Young, will be giving presentations on their work in two exciting fields.

Joe Winter
My work focuses on the dynamical system known as the perturbed doubling map, a function on the complex plane that maps a complex number z to z-squared + c, where c is a complex number known as the perturbation constant. My talk will detail computational approaches to estimating and visualizing the Julia set of this map. I will also discuss strategies used to estimate periodic points of the map which are then used to explore the relation between c and the maximization of a particular potential.

Samuel Young
The abstract commensurator of a group, Comm(G), generalizes the notion of the automorphism group Aut(G). We study a new variation of Comm(F2), which embeds in Comm(F2), which we show is not locally residually finite.
There will be pizza and refreshments!

Brisilda Ndreka accepted to the University of Connecticut for her Ph.D (06/25/2019)

I came to City College as an international student about two years ago. I can perfectly remember the first day at CCNY where I struggled with the smallest things such as finding the classroom I was located in for that day. From that day, I see myself continuing my PhD at the University of Connecticut, where I will continue my studies in the Statistics Department.

Looking back at these past years, when I put the memories I have together, it is clear that I have been very lucky. I have had the privilege to work with amazing professors, have helpful friends, and overall been surrounded by great and welcoming people.
I am beyond grateful for all of my professors whom I would like to say thank you to the following people

Professor Shirshendu Chatterjee who was my statistics professor and mentor in the summer research project. Thank you, for giving me a hand when I needed it the most! The patience you possess and trust you give were two qualities that made my journey with you an honorable and important one. You believed that I had potential even when you struggled to understand my ideas, since my communication was extremely poor. Your assistance and dedication inspired me to work even harder.

Professor Zajj Daugherty - Thank you for your support that has lasted since the first day of being in your class all the way to giving me amazing advice you gave for the PhD application.

A warm thank you to Professor Blair Davey, Professor Bianca Santoro, and Professor Jack Hanson. Thank you so much for your recommendations, advice, and for being such an inspiration to me. Honestly, I feel since I am now a part of the academy, I look up to each of you as a role model.
I also want to thank Professor Thea Pignataro and Professor Stanley Ocken for believing and giving me the opportunity to be a lecturer in the Math Department. I will keep this with me throughout my life as one of the most valuable experiences I have been through.

Thank you so much to Jason Redman for informing me about multiple crucial moments including a scholarship, job opportunities, the teaching process and more. Jason, I truly admire the patience that you possess. When I kept asking you an extensive number of questions each day you always calmly explained, even if it took multiple tries for me to understand it. You are definitely one of the people that made my life easier at CCNY.

A great thank you for George Braithwaite who is one of the nicest people that I have met in my life. You have always been so helpful and so positive! According to George, he is like this because he was born where negative numbers were not invented. You are undeniably an amazing person that I will miss so extremely much.

Finally, a huge thank you to my friends. Thank you for your advice and collaboration. I wish you only the best!

Summer Rich Internship and RAMMP at CCNY (06/05/2019)

We are happy to start off the summer with our 2019 Rich Summer Internships and RAMMP! The Rich Summer Internships program pairs students at CCNY with faculty mentors to work closely for 10 weeks studying various advanced topics in mathematics. The Recruitment and Mentoring in Mathematics Program (RAMMP) brings scholars in summer research activities in mathematics with the goal of culminating in publishable research. Students in RAMMP will work in groups on research programs guided by faculty members and attend weekly colloquium and learning seminars.

CCNY Great Grad - Pavel Javornik (05/22/2019)

CCNY Mathematics Undergraduate, Pavel Javornik, has been selected as one of the CCNY Great Grads! To hear more from Pavel Javornik and hear other graduating CCNY student's stories, please click here.

Vincent Filardi & Marino Echavarria Accepted to Summer Programs (05/15/2019)

Hear about it from Vincent Filardi

This summer I have the opportunity to participate in an 8-week immersion in Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program with the machine learning team. My intention for attending this REU is to develop methods in Machine Learning based off techniques in Partial Differential Equations. The program is designed to provide a glimpse of the ways that advanced mathematics is used in the real world to solve complex problems. I will be working closely with a company representative to define the problem and develop solutions of immediate value to the company. The thought of our work to be used in decision making on an industrial scale excites me. I predict that these characteristics will prove themselves invaluable to my applications for Ph.D. programs.

Thank you to Professor Santoro and Professor Hanson for their kind endorsements. Special shout out to Professor Santoro, Professor Etemadpour and Professor Ramamurthy for their continual support in our research projects. I extend my gratitude to the NSF, CCNY Mathematics Department and City College Fellowships Program in their gracious financial support this summer.

To all my friends over the years at City College and Norwalk Community College: I am serious when I say I cherish the moments we have shared, without you this is all hard to imagine. The program starts on May 19th, and I will be returning on July 20th.

Hear about it from Marino Echavarria

This summer I will be going to Johns Hopkins University to do research in theoretical computer science as a part of their Leadership Alliance cohort. I chose to study mathematics because of my friend Vincent Filardi. I was a computer science major when I met Vincent in my discrete mathematics course. He asked me what my interest in computer science was and when I told him that I wanted to reason through and solve difficult problems and about how much I was enjoying the course he suggested that I should study mathematics. I was skeptical at first but soon realized that what I would find in theoretical computer science was very mathematical. I was just about done with the math courses my CS degree required and decided I would miss mathematics too much if I’d stopped, so I declared a double major by the end of the semester. I would like to pursue graduate study in either theoretical computer science or mathematics to the end of becoming an academic. I’ve loved the experiences I’ve had teaching and tutoring in the past. I’d also like to take up the torch from Professor Stanley Ocken’s efforts to improve mathematics education especially in communities like mine where most see mathematics with either disdain or apathy. The thought of doing that while doing research sounds very rewarding. I’d like to thank my family for nurturing my interests with as many books as I wanted, Vincent for brainwashing me, my friends for their support through much self-doubt, and all of my eccentric and enthusiastic math instructors over the years whose excitement about math kept me curious and whose support allowed me to persevere.

Prof. Linda Keen colloquium (05/13/2019)

Prof. Linda Keen (Lehman College) came to CCNY to give her talk, on geometry and tiling, at our colloquium.

Merna Youssef accepted to a REU at the University of Chicago (05/08/2019)

This summer, I am attending The Leadership Alliance Program at the University of Chicago. I will spend the summer studying and working on a current research topic in Astrophysics and/or cosmology. Currently, I am studying Physics and Pure Mathematics at the City College of New York.

I am planning to apply for graduate programs in theoretical physics. My research experience at the City College is drawing my attention towards Cosmology. At the present time, I am conducting research in the physics department with Professor Alexios Polychronakos on gravity. The main focus in my research is to investigate some modifications to general relativity theory to resolve some theoretical issues resulting from adding a cosmological constant. I am certain that this summer program will add much to my understanding and will expand my knowledge in the field. In addition, I will learn some computational tools that I will need in my graduate studies.

I am grateful to my professors in the Mathematics and the Physics department. I was lucky to attend classes with Prof. Wolf, Prof. Kucherenko from the Math department and Prof. Polychronakos, Prof. Nair, Prof. Boyer and Prof. Hedberg from the Physics department. I ‘d like to thank each of these professors for helping and encouraging me in my undergraduate studies. In particular, I would like to thank Prof. Polychronakos for his guidance, his support in the application process and his great advice.

Graduate Panel (05/06/2019)

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) and the Math Club put together a Graduate Panel to talk about what it takes to pursue a Ph.D. and how to bolster your chances at getting into grad school. Special thanks to the speakers Tai-Danae Bradley, Prof. Jozef Dodziuk, and Anna Tao.

Karoline Dubin accepted to the Houston Summer School in Dynamical Systems (04/17/2019)

This summer, I am attending the Houston Summer School in Dynamical Systems in early June. I came to the City College Math Masters program because I wanted to gain a strong theoretical foundation in math in order to contribute in research in climate modeling.

I am excited to attend the Houston Summer school! Dynamical systems have a lot of applications in science, and the intensive program will be a nice complement to the research I will do this summer with Prof Booth in the Atmospheric Science Department working on a stochastic model of cyclones. I plan to apply to PhD programs in math and in statistics, so this experience at Houston may have an impact in what I choose to study!

I am grateful to my professors and peers at City College - it is a pleasure to be among extremely bright people. I have had the luck to be in class with Prof. Hanson, Prof. Hooper, Prof. Kucherenko, and Prof. Wolf - their dedication is inspiring, and each has broadened my mathematical interests. In particular, I would like to thank Prof. Wolf who has been a great source of support and encouragement, and always has very good advice.

Abdoulaye Maiga accepted to the Houston Summer School in Dynamical Systems (04/10/2019)

My name is Abdoulaye Maiga, and I am very grateful to have the immense opportunity to be part of 3 projects for this coming summer. First of all, I will be attending the summer school in dynamical systems in Houston in company of students and friends of mine in Karoline Dubin and Ana Tao. Then I will start the research experience for undergraduate organized by the Math alliance here at CCNY. I will close my summer with a programming-like research in dynamical systems that might extend to a independent study with Professor Wolf who I am very grateful to for accepting to be my mentor for the research, and also for having informed me about the summer school.

I am also very grateful to Professor Shub as always since he was the one that actually pushed me to apply for the REU here at CCNY saying that It will be a great opportunity and experience for me to work with others students with the goal of helping our mentor in his/her research.

Why did I choose to study mathematics and what are my future goals? I will answer both questions by saying that I have at some point dreamed of being a police officer as any other kid since they looked cool in their uniforms when I was younger and in kindergarten, but my thoughts about pursuing a degree in mathematics were pretty linear since I have always thought that if I was to go to college I will only get a degree in mathematics. The reason for that is because studying more mathematics was the only thing that made me really happy when I was waking up super early to go to school. I also liked chemistry and physics a little bit but nothing compared to the love I have for mathematics.

When I arrived at CCNY during fall 2016, it was clear for me that I was going to go for a B.S in applied math, but things did not really go that way. During my first semester I had the chance to be in Professor Blair Davey’s calculus 1 class. Thanks to her for being such an amazing professor. One of the things I remember from her class is her showing us how to derive pi from a full circle by drawing multiple triangles. I found it fascinating, then I started to take more classes and I finally realized that I wanted to give pure mathematics a try. Now I am finishing my last undergraduate courses in pure mathematics this semester, and with one more year left before I graduate. I am still strongly thinking of pursuing a career in industry, but also now that I had a taste of what it is like to study theoretical mathematics I am not ruling out the possibility of pursuing a phd in a field such as number theory, dynamical systems or else.

The good thing is that I am still going to be around for one more year, and I hope to continue enjoying my time here at CCNY. It has been a formidable time so far. I met so many incredible people here. I will have to thank the whole department starting with Professor Shub who clearly has been the angel that has been guiding me since sophomore year. If there was an expression stronger that “thank you so much for everything” I will immediately use it for you. I also want to thank Jason Redman for everything he has done for me so far. You are just amazing Jason. You are like the guy in the math department that knows everything connected to administration and more. I will joke that if you have a problem, don’t call the 911, go to talk to Jason, and you will get your problem fixed. Thank you so much for informing me about talks, programs, scholarships, job opportunities etc. I am very happy that you were also able to be blessed this year, and I wish you many more blessings because you deserve it for everything you do for students like me,adjuncts, and professors. I also want to thanks George Braithwaite with who I immediately had a connection. I am not a basketball fan like you but stay as you are. I would like to thanks Professor Khalid Bou-rabee with who I had my first ever taste of research as an undergraduate. Clearly I was not great but I appreciate your patience and comprehension with me. Thank you for that. I also need to thank Gennady Yassiyevich a.k.a WOLFGANG. You are absolutely exceptional. If it was not clear that you were my favorite adjunct after I took classes with you for a year straight, I hope this makes it clear. I absolutely love the way you teach you classes. You influenced the way I write proofs to 99.99% to the point that even in exams, It happens that I just happily shout “THUS” when I am happy with my proof. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. If I decide to go to academia, I would want to mimic your teaching style. I enjoyed talking world cup with you during last summer before class since I am myself a soccer addict. I want to thank every single professor or adjunct that I had class with, all of you have been amazing. I honestly don’t have any bad experience with any professor in mathematics after 3 years at CCNY. Thanks to Prof. Hooper with who I had fun at the city museum in Missouri and at the annual field of dreams conference, and thank you for being so understanding and helpful. Finally thanks to my friend Anna Tao, who I now call the LEGEND, for all the work she put in to run the AWM while doing insanely well in her classes. Thanks to Pavel Javornik who I met three semesters ago but who has been a very pleasant person to know. I wish both of you good luck for graduate school since you guys are graduating this term, but I know you guys don’t need luck and let’s hopefully keep contact. I have to save some thanks for next year so let’s stop here for now.

Anna Tao accepted for her Ph.D. at Brown University (04/09/2019)

My name is Anna Tao, and this summer, I’ll be attending the seventh annual Summer School on Dynamical Systems at the University of Houston, from May 27 to June 6, before moving on to the PhD program at Brown University. My intention for going into the summer school is to learn a bit more on dynamical systems and ergodic theory, to expand my breadth before specializing to a field for academia.

I chose to study math because it was the one subject I found out that I consistently enjoyed throughout high school and college. In particular, I like figuring out puzzles, finding logical explanations to concepts, and learning about weird applications of these concepts; math hits all three of these points.

One aspect I’ve noticed in doing math is that it’s an activity best done with peers, and I am very fortunate to find so many people, particularly my peers and the faculty at CCNY’s mathematics department, who are just as enthusiastic about subject as I am. Without their support, I don’t think I would have made it this far.

Thank you, Jason Redman, George Braithwaite, and Prof. Bak, for being so exceptionally considerate and accommodating, and for making feel right at home with the department. Thank you, Prof. Davey and Prof. Daugherty, for your wonderful and inspiring lectures, recommendation, and for your encouraging pep talks that were much needed to set myself straight right before I graduate. Thank you, Prof. Hooper and Prof. Chinta, for your extraordinary patience and guidance, especially with our projects, as well as for the recommendations for internships and programs! Thank you, Pavel Javornik—I value our friendship so much, I’ll never forget the times we’ve talked to each other about math casually, working through homework problems and studying for exams together, running Math Club / AWM events, and having each other’s backs whenever life gets tough. I KNOW you’ll do well in the future. And thank you, Wolfgang Yassiyevich—for your amazing crystal-clear lectures, for the graduate school advice, for introducing me to the World Cup, for your enthusiasm and generosity and…there’s so much I could say, the list goes on and on. All in all, you’ve been such a significant role model for me, when it comes to cultivating my mathematical maturity, and teaching mathematics to others. I hope that one day, I can emulate your style in professorship.

In general, THANK YOU to the CCNY mathematics community—I promise I’ll bring your ideals and values along with me, and pass them forward to the future.

CCNY City Beat student profile (02/11/2019)

CCNY's City Beat featured a profile on Anna Tao. For more information, see the excerpt from their article. Click here for the full article.

Math majors present at CCAPP (11/29/2018)

Anna Tao, Pavel Javornik, and YuXuan Huang all presented at the 2018 Annual CCAPP event on November 29th. Pavel Javornik worked, under mentorship with Prof. Wolf, presented on uniformly hyperbolic invariant sets of a non-linear horshoe with discontinuous Lyapunov dimension spectrum. Anna Tao, under mentorship with Prof. Hooper, presented on aperiodic points and self-similarity of an infinite interval exchange transformation. Yu Xuan Huang, working at NASA for his 2018 summer internship, presented on above anvil cirrus plume machine learning.

CCNY City Beat student profile (11/26/2018)

CCNY's City Beat featured a profile on Abdoulaye Maiga. For more information, see the excerpt from their article. Click here for the full article.

Math Club & AWM math major talk (11/26/2018)

The Math Club & Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) put together an event where math faculty came by to give students a sense of their area of expertise and give them a glimpse of what it's like working in that area. Thanks to Prof. Bou-Rabee, Prof. Santoro, Prof. Shub, and Prof. Wolf for giving talks!

Jason Redman Math Club & AWM Talk (10/22/2018)

Jason Redman gave a talk to the Math Club and AWM on graph theory and linear algebra. The talk started talking about the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg and lead into random walks on graphs and using diagonalized matrices to find steady-state probabilities for state diagrams.

Anna Tao poster presentation (10/04/2018)

Undergraduate senior and AWM president, Anna Tao, did a poster presentation at Kean Univeristy on Aperiodic Points and Self-Similarity of an Infinite Interval Exchange Transformation. This is a project she worked with Prof. Hooper as part of the 2018 Summer Rich Internship at CCNY.

Yu Xuan Huang NASA Internship (08/17/2018)

Yu Xuang Huang, a senior applied math and computer science double major, got an internship at NASA for the Summer of 2018.

Hear it from him!

I got an internship offer from NASA summer 2018. The project name is Above-Anvil Cirrus Plumes Machine Learning Project and it means a lot to me because our work will save lives and properties due to the hazardous weather.
Above Anvil Cirrus Plumes(AACPs) are plumes of cirrus clouds that shoot above the anvil tops of convective thunderstorms into the lower stratosphere which is a weather phenomenon that often precede severe weather such as tornados, thunderstorms, hail, and high winds.

This work has built off of previous research of AACPs by the NASA Langley Science Directorate using radar and satellite imagery. The purpose of this project was to identify AACPs associate with storms using machine learning techniques such as deep learning and image processing to perform analysis of imagery of storm clouds in order to automatically identify AACPs in satellite imagery. Which predicts AACP associate with storms and issues notification for precaution because loss of life and property due to severe weather is an unknown quantity. This project will be an excellence tool to assist aircraft flying in the vicinity of dangerous weather. This internship enhances both my soft skills and technical skills

I really appreciate Professor Jack Hanson, Professor Akira Kawaguchi and Professor Rosario Gennaro for the recommendation letter.

Math Alliance MPG (06/11/2018)

We are proud to announce that our Master of Science (M.S.) program in mathematics is now part of Math Alliance's Master Program Group (MPG). For more details click here

2018 Summer Research Interns (06/06/2018)

The Dr. Barnett and Jean Hollander Rich Summer Internship has officially started this summer! We started off our summer internship with some food and wonderful conversation!

BEAM comes to CCNY this summer (05/08/2018)

The Department of Mathematics is proud to announce that we will be hosting Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) this summer at CCNY! The Department of Mathematics at CCNY has been working with Daniel Zaharopol to collaborate this summer, click here to see their website. They’re an organization whose goal is to create pathways for underserved students to go into STEM fields, so they start working with students throughout high school giving them rigorous summer classes and providing support throughout the year as they transition to applying to colleges to further educate themselves, while all this is done for free for the students.

Here are some links with more information

Summer at BEAM

NY Times article on BEAM\

Professor Brooke Feigon receives the President's Outstanding Service Award! (05/09/2017)

Prof. Brooke Feigon is the recipient of the President's Outstanding Service Award. This award recognizes both the creativity and commitment of a full-time faculty member and the impact that s/he has had on student learning through a combination of innovative approaches in mentoring, research, teaching and/or scholarship. Awards will be made annually to up to three faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary service to students, to scholarship and to the College. This award recognizes the importance of faculty participation in the governance of the institution and its significant impact on the College and the greater College community.