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CCNY City Beat student profile (02/11/2019)

CCNY's City Beat featured a profile on Anna Tao. For more information, see the excerpt from their article. Click here for the full article.

Math majors present at CCAPP (11/29/2018)

Anna Tao, Pavel Javornik, and YuXuan Huang all presented at the 2018 Annual CCAPP event on November 29th. Pavel Javornik worked, under mentorship with Prof. Wolf, presented on uniformly hyperbolic invariant sets of a non-linear horshoe with discontinuous Lyapunov dimension spectrum. Anna Tao, under mentorship with Prof. Hooper, presented on aperiodic points and self-similarity of an infinite interval exchange transformation. Yu Xuan Huang, working at NASA for his 2018 summer internship, presented on above anvil cirrus plume machine learning.

CCNY City Beat student profile (11/26/2018)

CCNY's City Beat featured a profile on Abdoulaye Maiga. For more information, see the excerpt from their article. Click here for the full article.

Math Club & AWM math major talk (11/26/2018)

The Math Club & Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) put together an event where math faculty came by to give students a sense of their area of expertise and give them a glimpse of what it's like working in that area. Thanks to Prof. Bou-Rabee, Prof. Santoro, Prof. Shub, and Prof. Wolf for giving talks!

Jason Redman Math Club & AWM Talk (10/22/2018)

Jason Redman gave a talk to the Math Club and AWM on graph theory and linear algebra. The talk started talking about the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg and lead into random walks on graphs and using diagonalized matrices to find steady-state probabilities for state diagrams.

Anna Tao poster presentation (10/04/2018)

Undergraduate senior and AWM president, Anna Tao, did a poster presentation at Kean Univeristy on Aperiodic Points and Self-Similarity of an Infinite Interval Exchange Transformation. This is a project she worked with Prof. Hooper as part of the 2018 Summer Rich Internship at CCNY.

First NYC Regional Math Alliance meeting at Kean University (09/17/2018)

The NYC Regional Math Alliance had their first annual conference at Kean Univeristy on September 15th. There were several students, faculty, and staff that came from CCNY and even one senior, Anna Tao, did a poster presentation on Aperiodic Points and Self-Similarity of an Infinite Interval Exchange Transformation. Maria Isabel-Sanchez, CCNY Alumni and current PhD student at the University of Minnesota, gave a talk on Non smooth bifurcations on Welander's Model. Thanks to the directors of the NYC Regional Math Alliance, Prof. Chinta and Prof. Hooper, as well as the faculty from Kean University for being very accommodating and welcoming. Thank you to all of the other math alliance faculty who helped put together a wonderful conference.

Yu Xuan Huang NASA Internship (08/17/2018)

Yu Xuang Huang, a senior applied math and computer science double major, got an internship at NASA for the Summer of 2018.

Hear it from him!

I got an internship offer from NASA summer 2018. The project name is Above-Anvil Cirrus Plumes Machine Learning Project and it means a lot to me because our work will save lives and properties due to the hazardous weather.
Above Anvil Cirrus Plumes(AACPs) are plumes of cirrus clouds that shoot above the anvil tops of convective thunderstorms into the lower stratosphere which is a weather phenomenon that often precede severe weather such as tornados, thunderstorms, hail, and high winds.

This work has built off of previous research of AACPs by the NASA Langley Science Directorate using radar and satellite imagery. The purpose of this project was to identify AACPs associate with storms using machine learning techniques such as deep learning and image processing to perform analysis of imagery of storm clouds in order to automatically identify AACPs in satellite imagery. Which predicts AACP associate with storms and issues notification for precaution because loss of life and property due to severe weather is an unknown quantity. This project will be an excellence tool to assist aircraft flying in the vicinity of dangerous weather. This internship enhances both my soft skills and technical skills

I really appreciate Professor Jack Hanson, Professor Akira Kawaguchi and Professor Rosario Gennaro for the recommendation letter.

Math Alliance MPG (06/11/2018)

We are proud to announce that our Master of Science (M.S.) program in mathematics is now part of Math Alliance's Master Program Group (MPG). For more details click here

2018 Summer Research Interns (06/06/2018)

The Dr. Barnett and Jean Hollander Rich Summer Internship has officially started this summer! We started off our summer internship with some food and wonderful conversation!

BEAM comes to CCNY this summer (05/08/2018)

The Department of Mathematics is proud to announce that we will be hosting Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) this summer at CCNY! The Department of Mathematics at CCNY has been working with Daniel Zaharopol to collaborate this summer, click here to see their website. They’re an organization whose goal is to create pathways for underserved students to go into STEM fields, so they start working with students throughout high school giving them rigorous summer classes and providing support throughout the year as they transition to applying to colleges to further educate themselves, while all this is done for free for the students.

Here are some links with more information

Summer at BEAM

NY Times article on BEAM\

CCNY visits Stony Brook (04/23/2018)

Math majors from CCNY visited Stony Brook University for their second annual Math Day. There were numerous talks about maze construction, sphere packings, geometry of black holes, and introductions to singularities. Thank you to Prof. Christian Schnell and the math department at Stony Brook University for putting together a wonderful event!

Prof. Chinta - Editor of the Journal of Number Theory (04/19/2018)

Congratulations to Prof. Gautam Chinta, who has been named an editor of the Journal of Number Theory!

Prof. Steinberg - Fullbright scholar (04/19/2018)

Congratulations to Prof. Steinberg! He has been awarded a 2018-19 Fullbright U.S. Scholar grant to go to Brazil (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) for four months.

University of Minnesota (04/18/2018)

Congratulations to Yorkinoy Shermatova for being accepted to the University of Minnesota with funding for their PhD program. She will be joining two other recent CCNY Graduates, Maria Sanchez and Chen Shi.

Hear about Yorkinoy's Story

After receiving my BS from Samarkand state university ( Samarkand, Uzbekistan) I worked as a research assistant there. In 2015, I got accepted for the MS in Mathematics program of CCNY. I truly enjoyed wonderful lectures from faculty members and made a lot of friends here. This place actually helped me realize that I might have a chance in academia in future. One of the schools I applied for PhD program was University of Minnesota. I was very delighted when I got an offer since I heard a lot of great things from my friends Maria Sanchez and Chen Shi (graduates of CCNY, current PhD students of UMN).

I am very grateful to the faculty and staff of Math department of CCNY since I had a great experience as a student and an adjunct here.

I want to thank Prof. Bak, Prof. Santoro, Prof.Steinberg, Prof. Flatto, Prof. Bou-Rabee for amazing lectures. I would also like to thank Prof.Ocken and Prof.Auth for helping me grow as an adjunct lecturer. I also want to thank Jason Redman and George Brathawaite for being there all the time whenever I needed help.

I will miss CCNY and will do my best to be a good representative of this school at UMN.

Miami University SUMSRI (04/13/2018)

Congratulations to Vincent Filardi for being accepted into the Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (SUMSRI) at Miami University for 6 weeks, expenses fully covered! He is one of eight students selected for the program. Continuing the trend of CCNY students applying to summer programs, he will be studying dynamical systems.

Hear about Vincent's story

I chose this program because due to its GRE prep, a chance participates in rigorous mathematical research, and to network within mathematics outside of the CCNY sphere. I was also given an offer for WPI’s REU, but it was much more concerned with industrial math.

My advice to other students is to prepare earlier unlike I did and apply to as many REU’s and hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

As a transfer student form Norwalk Community College and only 2 semesters at CCNY I am extremely fortunate to participate in Miami’s 2018 SUMSRI. My intent at the SUMSRI is to utilize its resources to enrich my passion and to turn my curiosity into a career in academia. I would like to thank all the people that helped me in the process: Professor Daupern, Professor Karnowski, Professor Hanson, Professor Santoro, Dr. Vanessa Morest, Jeffrey Bettz and my girlfriend Maddy Vose. ”

Also, in the spirit of diversity of CCNY I am a first-generation college student.

For more information on the SUMSRI, click here.

University of Houston Dynamics (04/10/2018)

Congratulations to two of our undergraduates, Casey Bolles and Pavel Javornik! They were accepted to the University of Houston's Summer School on Dynamical Systems, expenses fully covered! The Department of Mathematics at University of Houston will host the sixth annual Houston Summer School on Dynamical Systems from May 16-24, 2018. The school will use short lecture courses, tutorial and discussion sessions, and student projects to explore various topics in dynamical systems.

For more information, click here

CUNY Math Challenge (03/06/2018)

Sponsored by the Office of Executive Vice Chancellor and the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development (CISDD) and supported by the Office of the Chancellor, the CUNY Math Challenge seeks to identify and reward CUNY's best math talent. Regardless of your major, if you are a matriculated CUNY undergraduate student and enjoy doing math problems, the CUNY Math Challenge is for you! There are stipend awards in the final round.

Here's how it works. The contest begins on-line at 9:00 A.M. on Monday, March 12, 2018 and is composed of two rounds with questions of varying difficulty. The first round will take place entirely online, remain open for two weeks, ending on March 25. The second round is in-person by invitation only is on Sunday, April 15, 2018 10am-noon. Invitations will be by email. This round determines the winners, who will be notified by email. A celebration for the winners will take place in mid-May. Winners will receive a stipend worth between $100 and a top prize of $1,000. Up to $6,000 will be awarded to the winners.

So, are you up for the challenge?!

Click here for more information or visit

NYC Regional Math Alliance (02/02/2018)

We are proud to announce the NYC Regional Math Alliance! The goal of the NYC Math Alliance is to carry out the mission of the National Math Alliance in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Our goal is simple: we want to be sure that every underrepresented or underserved American student with the talent and the ambition has the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical science.

For more information, click here.

Two undergraduate students excel on the Putnam exam (05/15/2017)

The Putnam examination is a nationwide mathematics examination requiring exceptional ability and creativity to achieve a non-zero score. Two CCNY seniors, Allen Kim and Gautam Ramasubramanian, did exceptionally well, placing 408th and 813th nationwide. Congratulations to both, who will graduate in Spring 2017!

11 CCNY Mathematics students to begin doctoral programs with support (05/15/2017)

Eleven students finishing their MS degrees in Spring 2017 will begin doctoral programs in Fall 2017 with institutional financial support at a number of excellent institutions, including the University of Minnesota, the University of Waterloo, the University of Illinois, Arizona State University, Syracuse University, the CUNY Graduate Center, the University of Pennsylvania, and Stevens Institute of Technology.

The mathematics department congratulates all graduates!

Professor Brooke Feigon receives the President's Outstanding Service Award! (05/09/2017)

Prof. Brooke Feigon is the recipient of the President's Outstanding Service Award. This award recognizes both the creativity and commitment of a full-time faculty member and the impact that s/he has had on student learning through a combination of innovative approaches in mentoring, research, teaching and/or scholarship. Awards will be made annually to up to three faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary service to students, to scholarship and to the College. This award recognizes the importance of faculty participation in the governance of the institution and its significant impact on the College and the greater College community.